Una nueva vida - A WG rpg game (Version 0.0.8 available now)

Por el momento , si . Estoy terminando el resto del capitulo 1 y espero que sea durante este mes. Quiero también terminar el resto de los sprites de los próximos personajes y añadir mas cosas. Hay mas que decir pero para no tanto spoiler. Para antes del 3 capitulo ya todo los miembros del grupo de Heroinas y sus fases deben de ser accesibles.

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espero esos capitulos salgan pronto XD ya quiero ver a esa slime toda blob y lenta (porque como que quede full inmovil no creo que se pueda)

Is very likely that the next update won’t come out in this month, because i’ve been quite busy and also because i’ve been playing Baldur’s gate 3 (is way too good). I’m getting a little obssesed with the idea of a tight schedule and other craziness that is going through my head, but the game i’m making is for fun and as a passion project and i shouldn’t try to rush stuff, so i’m trying to manage my time on this project and to be consistent, at the end of the day is fun for me to keep working on it.

I’ve been working on adding more details, and one of them is this. I was trying to figure out how to do it for the last 2 months but i finally got it and is already on the game:

Anything that changes the health of the characters in the party will change their portrait and more portraits for the different hp tresholds were added (also depends on the current size of the characters). I’m thinking on also different sprites for the characters for when they are downed, but that will take some time.

Thanks for reading and see you soon. I hope to release the next update sooner later


While developing the next section of the first chapter, i ended rewriting the part because i felt it was quite simple and boring. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, i spent a lot of time thinking on how to improve the next part and to improve myself.

Something that i didn’t showed before were the sizes of the main characters, i didn’t wanted to show everything at the beggining for story and gameplay reasons, but for the sake of transparency and to show how is going the development on this game, here they are (i’ll also put this in the feature part of the main topic):
The sprites were already in the previous versions and that’s why i changed the follower distance because the party would obstruct the view of themselves with how big they were getting. During the game the next stages can be unlocked but at the beggining only the first 2 stages are available. Also obviously as i said , more characters will join the party and i’ve working on their other sprites and also for Npcs who can and will get fat.

A little screenshot of the next part that i’m planning:

Thanks for reading and see you soon.


New update has been released, this include the first part of the Bandit’s quest and new additions to the gameplay. Still working on the rest. Thanks for reading.


Ya para esta versión deberían de poder verse las demás fases de peso?

Aun no por terminos narrativos, pero para la proxima version que lance, añadire una funcion debug que permita que se puedan acceder a las demas fases (sin quebrar el juego, que me ha pasado mientras probaba algunas cosas).

con tal de que se vea como les afecta en la velocidad de mov. seria god

Sabes, eso de me dio una idea. Normalmente a este punto no quiero añadir mas cosas porque ya de por si ralentizan el desarrollo cada cosa que haga y quiero evitar el “feature creep” pero vere si puedo añadir efectos de sonido para cuando caminen los personajes si estan muy obesas.

Small update about the game:
I’m near finishing the first chapter and i’m also working on translating it in english. Some stuff has to be changed in order to be understandable in english, but i’m trying to make it sound good.

Another thing i want to talk is about “Vore”. The idea of vore was since the conception of the game but i couldn’t find an explanation for why the characters do vore without making contradictions in their personality, so i decided to make it non-fatal and only currently Reiko can perform it (but i don’t think i’ll make the other party members be able to devour enemies currently). I already created a vore skill right after finishing the weight system of the characters and works very similar to how Axugaem² does (it esentially leaves a character out of combat , however, it doesn’t hurt them or even kill them). I even have an icon for it already.

The next update i release will be the first chapter finished and the english version of it, with an extra debug function to let players test all sizes of the characters and the vore skill. Since is for testing reasons, it will be removed in later versions for gameplay and story reasons. I don’t have an ETA for the next update, since i’m also adding a bunch of new stuff but i hope it will be during the first half of May.

Thanks for Reading and see you soon.


una buena “excusa” para introducir el vore dentro del juego y considerando la personalidad timida de la prota es que a medida que vaya subiendo de peso indiscutiblemente necesite de mas comida y debido a que el doctor o sea el donsito no puede costearse tanto el consumo de una chica mitad slime mitad humano, esta se vea orillada a comerse a sus enemigos (obvio no comerse a quien le salvo la vida) con tal de no hacer que su salvador se vea en la situacion de sacrificar mas por ella y para ayudarlo con eso recurre al vore para poderse saciar sin gastar tanto del capital del don.