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Here’s an initial list of unclaimed projects. Its small right now, but it’ll grow as we continue on. If you know of any other projects or see something that needs to be corrected, please respond to this topic and I’ll add them to this list/change it. This list is to include both active and inactive projects (I’d like for our records to be as complete as possible).

I have a question about a project that isn't my own

This game is only partially relevant as it has some amount of weight gain in it, but seems to be largely focused on transformation stuff. I know a couple of you here have some interests in that as well, so I figured I’d throw a link up for it:

The Underworld:

A word of warning. There seems to be a lot of content hidden behind a paywall, and the weight gaining content is rather limited. Still, here it is.


I don’t think we should be excluding many fetish games at this point. haha


Ill add GenkoKitsu game “Consume” to this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19144324/


Huh, hadn’t seen that one before. Nice find!


I’ll have to give this one a try


for those actually wanting to play Consume, the latest stable version was v0.28. supposedly there was an overhaul in 0.29 that broke a lot of things.


yeah, srry that i forgot to add that bit of info


it’s no problem- the game is enjoyable enough when it works, and I had no idea it existed. can’t really fault you about those kind of semantics when I didn’t even know it existed, right? ;D


it’s no problem- the game is enjoyable enough when it works, and I had no idea it existed. can’t really fault you about those kind of semantics when I didn’t even know it existed, right? ;D[/quote]

nope 8)


It just occurred to me that if we count sanguine passare and possibly vore (not really my thing but I don’t judge) mugen has quite a few expansion related characters. Given the nature of mugen and how you have to download and install characters I"m not sure how we could incorporate it here though, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention it so I"m throwing it out there. I remember sometime last year I think we even had a guy over at inflatechan who had already done a few edits.


i’d count vore if it has some sort of wg component attached to it like Consume does.


I’m frustrated with the state of this list, to be honest. I started it with the intention of quickly adding all the content I knew, but was confounded by other necessities first. Frankly, I think we need a tagging system for these so that the “do we count this” issue doesn’t come up more often and people know exactly what they’re getting into before they click on anything.


Tags would be useful. I have no idea how any of this stuff works though, so I’m not sure if it’s a pain to do or not.

With mugen being a fighting game the expansion only lasts until the move ends. Still would be nice to have a list of which characters can do things like this anyway.


This might spark a lot of discussion on whether or not this is or not a game, but I guess at this point the best politic is just to leave it here and let people decide for themselves whether it is worth their time.

It is not like we have an unmanageable amount of games to list anyway.

Baby Fat:
Dev: AdjectiveNounCombo
Status: Active
Site: http://adjectivenouncombo.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Fat-533798245


Here’s another one that has WG elements: Trap Quest. trapquest.com

WARNING: The MAIN focus of the game is sissification/genderswap if you play a male or sluttification if you play a female. It’s very sex-focused, with non-consent and dom/sub situtations. These themes are not optional.

Here’s why it’s pretty awesome: Firstly, the game is being actively developed and the developer seems pretty on the ball as far as updates and feedback goes. Secondly, the gameplay is solid. It’s dungeon-crawl game, where each room you find can contain treasure that affects you (in ways that are beneficial and/or detrimental), traps (that always affect you in a random way), and mobs (that can be friendly or unfriendly based on your appearance and apparel). Thirdly, you can toggle which content you want to experience! It’s amazing, and smoothly implemented. Fourth, there’s both drawn and photograph versions of your character which change based on your appearance.

Hands-down the best adult game I’ve played. It even has bosses and an end-game. The fetishes that make it most applicable to this forum are weight gain and inflation, which are decently executed for not being the core concept.


I’d like to point out an interesting game that hasn’t been publicized much. Granted, it’s in very early stages and doesn’t have much, it seems promising! Granted, I don’t think it’s been updated for 2 months.


The game is found in the above link, and the accompanying journal is found here

Hopefully we’ll see more of it.


Since I’m not terribly happy with the state of the current list, I’m attempting to make a comprehensive game list, no matter how minor the WG (or just containing related fetishes). Right now, its just a google spreadsheet, but I will put it on the forum soon enough:

This list is to include all games, even major, AAA games and those games that are here on the forums, that feature at least some amount of WG. Animations depicting WG do not count, and thus don’t make the list. The list is presented in no particular order and is a work in progress. If you see a missing game, please let me know, and I can check to see if it should be added.


can confirm, it is a list!


Hello! I’m Kyra, also known as GenkoKitsu on FA. I’m the one working on Consume (slowly) I hadn’t realized it had found it’s way here.