Undertale like But weight gain

my idea is of an undertale like game where weight determines the out come skinny would be genocide and morbitly obese would be true pacifist for example and each fight would have an special gimmik like the muffet type area would be an dance floor where you catch the food in rythm with the music and for snowdinn would be puzzle like east certain cakes in a specific order and you too can feed them and that will either make them trow more food reduce amount of dmg (greens) they throw and for the heart it would be replaced with characther and the more you gain the bigger the hit box btw the game would be furry characther only and for cutscenes you could see like in ruins you fall in a pool of soda and if come back at end game it would be more settled and the toriel characther would ask if you would like to drink the rest please cintact for more about it


That’s pretty good idea mate

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