Undertale weight gain game

So I have had this idea for a very long time but i just don’t know how to make it or anyone who can make the sprites.

So my idea is that you are a human, like frisk who fell down the hole and is greeted by Toriel and whatnot. But instead of fighting or sparing you feed or inflate them, that’s the whole idea really.


Oh ho ho, I can make that fat shyren art a reality!

i’d love to create this game but i just cannot make sprites and i dont know what software to use


If ya got the money RPG maker is the easiest way to go. if not then unitale maybe but I think that only makes undertale esk battles

Would be a cool project. If I remember Undertale I think was done in GameMaker, but you could do it in any engine with 2D support like Unity, Godot, or even Unreal.

WELL I CAN ^^ I can make sprites

Also do you guys don’t forgot about delta rune?

One game at a time, mate. Deltarune’s a whole different game, and not even complete yet.

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