Unnamed Monster Tactical(?) Dating Sim

Look! I’m alive! Look at me with my pulse and my healthily warm body. Now, I actually had this idea for quite some time, built from the shambles of Space Diner XL (if any of you remember that.) Unfortunately, I got hit with a bunch of shit in life, including a full time job eating up any time I could devote to developing a game.

So, what the hell am I doing here with this, even if I got no time to work on it? Well the answer is simply that I was solo-developing it, and extremely amateur at programming. Writing is my forte, with art being a secondary skill of mine. All in all, i’m really just throwing this idea at a wall to see if it sticks with someone, and maybe work something out to bring it to fruition. Without further ado, here’s the general gist of the central story.

this is a divider lol

It is dark, it is spooky, you’re a hopeless romantic who never could make strides with finding true love, even so far as friends, shunned away from society you decide to take residence in an infamous haunted mansion. Such fearsome legends have kept the general public away, such as a cruel spider mistress who will eat you alive in her web, a swamp monster willing to drag you to the watery depths forever, an evil treasure hauled from across the world, and rampant poltergeists willing to trap you in the endless halls forever.

But after your first night settling here, things aren’t as bad as they were made out to be. The monsters were real, of course, they’re willing to let you sleep here as long as you bring them the one luxury they don’t have in a derelict home.

Good food.
(And internet, and cable, and video games, their demands are plentiful, but good food was the one written in bold.)

Divider II: Attack of the Clones

So there’s a central story, one thing I absolutely want to do is interactive 2D pictures / sprites, but again my time and energy are very limited. I do have character concepts fleshed out with some rudamentary concept art done in my spare time.

Again, this is simply something I want to see if it spikes anyone’s interests, and I don’t expect it to get any leverage in terms of actually being developed, but if there’s anyone who is interested in making such a reality, i’m more than happy to contribute art assets and writing when i’m available.



i like the kind of girl who will actually just kill me

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