Unstable Build testing possible?

If possible, can we test the unstable version of Tainted Elysium, so that we can help rid the bugs?

Unfortunately not yet. Things are kind of stuck at this time and because the entity system is a completely separate component that isn’t yet integrated into the main file. The current version of Elysium on my computer is no different than the one on the blog; as all the testing is done internally in the entities file at this time.

The entity system will be completed soon and I’ll be working on tying it back into the main system. That’s when we’re going to need lots of tests on the integration.

Sorry about the long wait; Just an unfortunate side effect of what’ll be a good thing for the game in the long run.

I can take any kind of build. Even if its indev.

Well, I believe you may have misunderstood me. There’s an indev version on the blog and that version of Elysium is no different than the one I have, but the current thing I’m working on is an external code component that’ll be imported into Elysium when its compatible enough. It, itself doesn’t have an exported version for someone to interact with. I modify its code and compile/test it in a single run. It doesn’t play per say as it’s just a screen that exports the data I need to see for that given part. When the component is complete enough I’ll be integrating it into Elysium and that’s when the interactive part returns.
For now, the component won’t even work if I were to just drop it into the game. The game side has to be adjusted to replace the current references with the entities component references, which will take time.

I’ll be transitioning the components soon, but either way it only really works if it is either 100% left out, or 100% integrated as its something that replaces the entire player itself. So systems that reference the only manual player won’t transfer their data directly to the dynamic player entity so the system would have two separate instances of the “player” where some components would only function on one or the other. Until all the components are transferred over to the new entity based player the game wouldn’t really work.