Unsure of best way to make my game.

So, a little while back I asked about the best version of RPG Maker and where to get it.

Now I’m unsure if it’s even the best thing for the game I wanna make.

Basically, I want to make a business management game where you become the owner of an adventurers guild. Not only would you have to look after it, but you’d need to bring adventuring women, mostly monster girls, to both go on adventures and look after the place.

The big thing I want to do is have a job system in place and give the girls unique costumes for their jobs. This would also change dialogue and interactions between the girls.

I’m thinking I could do this on RPG Maker and combining it with that 3D Model Maker used in the Weighting Game and Gain of Life, anyone know the name of it?, for images, or would Renpy be better?

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renpy if it’s gonna be a management sort of game, as rpgm is annoying for management games


Maybe something like free cities, which is made in twine? Idk, how they made it, but it works. Seems similar enough to your idea too.

It was something I was thinking of too, but I want images and twine can let you use images, both Free Cities and other games have shown me, it doesn’t always go through properly.

And I just bought RPG Maker too…

Well, I should be able to get a refund this early anyways.

I’d recommend Ren’py too. And, as a bonus, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

There are also any number of tutorials out there/ If you get stuck, it’s highly likely you’ll find a solution in minutes.

I’m using the built in tutorial at the moment, but it’s saying I’m missing a file.

I’ve got it downloaded, but no idea where to put it.