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Here is my entry for the “Lo-Cal” Gain Jam. I unfortunately did not complete the scope of my project, so it is more of a conceptual battle system rather than a game. Credits to the assets I’ve used are in the link. Controls are located in the link as well, but I’ll provide a guide below.

To play, you use the Z key to cast spells. Just pressing the key will default to the last spell you’ve selected and its spell level. More on the spell level later. Holding the Z key will allow you to select between four spell elements after half a second: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Fire is the standard damage, Water will raise and push away enemies slightly, Wind will shoot them into the air, and Earth is your defensive option (requirement to survive) to negate staggering from enemies.

If you continue to hold the Z key, you will be able to cast the elemental spells at higher levels. For Fire, Water, and Wind you will spawn more projectiles. For Earth, you will gain a regen at second level, and a flat heal at third level. Note that casting Earth spells at first level after casting the regen version at second level will refresh the regen buff.

To regain mana, press and hold the X key. You will regain mana at a slow rate, but not only will you take less damage from enemies, you will also gain extra mana from defending their attacks.

I’ve made the game endless, so wolves will keep spawning until you lose all your health. They spawn a second faster after every 50 spawns.

I apologize, I did not make a pause screen. I am dumb.


I definitely had thought my idea was doable within the two weeks, but it was not. The things that did not make it into the game:

  • 9 out of 12 of the planned spells and their mechanical effects
  • 11 out of 12 spells’ visual effects
  • Another enemy type besides wolves
  • Enhanced wolf boss (easiest to do from this list)
  • Selectable stages

With regards to the spells that did not make it in: with two days left, I ended up deciding to just throw the 1st level Fire spell visual into 2nd and 3rd level Fire spell and into all the Water and Wind spells.

The estimated days it took for each task:

  • 2 Days – Thinking up project ideas
  • 1 Day – Looking up assets to use
  • 3 Days – Modifying the fox base asset to use for the game jam
  • 6 Days – Programming
  • 2 Day – Godot Tutorials & Troubleshooting

Note: A lot of the tasks were back and forth; I did some programming, then went to look up assets to see if anything fit what I was going for, then programmed around the asset.

If I did work in a group with an idea in mind, more days would have gone into programming time (obviously). The problem is that I was unconfident with my knowledge of Godot (or other engines) prior to the jam that I felt like I would not be able to contribute to the group. It felt like a safer bet to go solo and learn as I go. Worst case, I drag myself down rather than the group.

Before the game jam, I only had half-a-week’s worth of Godot knowledge prepared for the jam, and that knowledge was only surface level. I did manage to learn a lot throughout the jam, and definitely have tools/premade functions like hitboxes to use for future jams (if I continue to use Godot). I definitely had fun creating code through the C# option they provided. This game was not made with prebuilt functions, so I’m kinda proud of what came out of it, despite it not ending up how I wanted it be.

With the knowledge I’ve gained from this jam, I’m not sure if I have what’s necessary to work in a group still, but I might keep my eyes open during the next jam to see if anyone’s looking for someone with probably a low skill level with Godot. I would hope to be able to contribute properly.

Do I plan on trying to continue to work on this game? The answer is “no” for now. It has been an exhausting last couple of days on the project, and I spent so much time on it that I’d like to focus my time elsewhere. I might pull some functions for any future projects or use the gameplay concept somewhere else, but I am unsure if I want to come back to this game.


I’d love to play this, but I keep getting this message
Can this run on 2015 hardware, and do I need to pay for this driver to play this?

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An interesting concept. I did find the control system a bit finnicky to manage since you’re essentially having to navigate a menu and charge a spell while under duress. The last saved spell level idea was neat but in practise it hindered more than helped due to MP.

Some not bad ideas here, but it doesn’t help that the environment for testing it is quite severe. I spent more time kiting enemies and charging than actually experiment with the toolset. I also saw that my max HP and MP increased somehow and I got chubbier but it was clear as toi the cause - I assume it was from defeated enemies but it wasn’t clear.

A couple of takeaways:

  • Expand the available keys. Having all the spell selection and activation mapped to a single key is overburdening it. Since we have four spell types, having four keys mapped to each slot would and a UI to highlight whcih spell slot is selected would be more viable. You could also perhaps hold down the spell slot key to charge the spell and it statys charged at that level until you switched spells.

  • I liked the mana recharge being a set key. Would be nice as a feature or perhaps an upgraded ability that it turned into a toggle so that you could recharge and focus on moving, for example.

  • The sprite was cute. Who doesn’t love a good wizard, eh?

Edit: Okay, from playing it more I kinda get it now. Using earth magic you can ignore the staggering and grow your MP to expand your magic potential (and your waistband). Neat. Was able to hunker down with earth magic and blow all the baddies away. Again, I do feel the intensity of the test environment pretty much necessitates this tactic to work. It was an interesting wrinkle to see that as your MP expanded you eventually became immobile, which was slightly irksome as I was stuck facing left when all the enemies were coming from the right. At least being able to turn in place would be appreciated!

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You shouldn’t need to pay for anything to have it work. I’ll attempt to mess with things on my end to see if I can get it working for you. I’ve uploaded a new zip file to the project called “UntitledArenaFight0.1.zip”. Please try that to see if it works. If it doesn’t, please let me know.

You are correct, the testing environment is too severe to really play around with the spells much. I think I should’ve clamped spawns at 5 wolves max as that what was originally planned per wave, then balanced gameplay around that.

I can’t say my ideas are perfect as I’m the only person on the project, so there will definitely be apparent holes in the gameplay concept. Thank you for the idea!

I was thinking about buyable upgrades, but I had not considered a move-and-charge skill, so I definitely dig this idea!

Thank you! I can’t take complete credit, as the base of the sprite was made by others on OGA (Thank you for providing resources for assets!), and I hastily edited the sprite through MSPaint.

I definitely should have implemented this before uploading as I had thought the same when hitting the same point during testing. I was getting near burnt out as it was near the end of the jam so I decided not to do anything about it, but not implementing it was a mistake. I appreciate you pointing it out.

Thank you very much for taking the time to play my game and writing up your review.


It works now. Very cool :blush:

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I’ve been browsing the forums for a little bit and I was very interested in this little project and I decided to finally make an account when I saw it, but I do have some critiques.

  1. Its very easy to get swarmed and be completely unable to defend yourself from my experience as you can’t attack when you get hit from what I’ve seen, although it could just be the attacks I was using.

  2. It is definitely more difficult for a newer player, with how it throws you right into endless without the player being able to actually learn how to use their skills and there being no easier modes to enter.

  3. It is annoying how whenever you die, you have to completely close out the game, I would definitely suggest a restart/reload key if you die or you just wanna try again.

Otherwise, in my honest opinion, this is pretty good for a proof of concept and I do understand that it was made under a time limit and the effects of burn out, which can be a serious demotivating factor. I would love to see work on this be continued once you feel better or see some of these concepts be used in future projects of yours.

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I did make it unnecessarily difficult. I definitely should have just clamped the spawn limit to 5 max and have people play around that.

That is fair. I did want to do a enemy wave system. Say you start a Wave 1 out of 5, and you start with just one enemy for the player to learn and use spells. A tutorial stage would be ideal to do as you say.

This is also fair. I currently do not know how to properly reset stages or pause, but that’s just an excuse. I can take time to learn and implement them.

It means a whole lot to me for you to say such things about what came out of this. I too would kinda like to see this eventually continued. One of the main things I’d want to do is look to requesting or hiring someone to do sprite work, and not use the free assets. Maybe figure out how to improve the gameplay as well, but that’s all down the road when I eventually pick it up again. Thank you very much!

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