Untitled Fat Sandbox Game

hello! i’ve been working on a game for the past few days, and I thought it would fit this site.

it’s a basic sandbox game with lots of weight-based features. if you don’t know what a sandbox game is, think Minecraft, Terraria, alpha Starbound, etc. the whole world is yours to do whatever you want with it.

fat features will include gaining weight from eating food, coming with different buffs and debuffs, multiple types of inflation (also coming with their own buffs and debuffs), different items to help you navigate this system (treadmills, tanks of food, water, air, etc etc)

my art is pretty crude, so if there are any artists that want to help on the game, that would be great. i’ll try to release a demo once I get the basic systems down.


Do you have any screenshots?

technically I do, but it’s so early in development that there’s only four types of blocks. here’s one though (don’t worry about the player being masculine, I’m haven’t sprited the female sprites yet)image


il do the art sir/mam. im happy to do so as i love the concept. dont pay me

I dunno, the sprite is adorable in its own way really :smiley:

The idea does sound great though. Sandboxes are always fun. Are you doing it in a particular style?
Like platforming, rpg-esque, etc etc

Although, a mix of a few elements sounds even better if you go down that path.

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Sounds like a pretty fun idea!

May I ask how much experience do you have coding + what engine do you use?

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there probably won’t be many RPG elements, or even platforming. the whole thing is just you load up a world, and you do what you want with it. terraform, build, kill everything in sight, etc.

i have a lot of experience, around a years worth. I’ve made entire games with story, dialogue, level design, etc. i’m using construct 2, I can’t afford construct 3 as it’s a monthly subscription


I would to LOVE to play test that new sandbox of yours cause it looks and sounds very fun!

Starbound’s still somewhat sandbox-y. You just need to fix your ship first.

Also, looking forward to whatever this becomes!

I got an idea for the game, have a game mode called “tasty world” or something where all blocks are replaced with edible versions. Dirt becomes cookie crumbs, sand becomes brown sugar, wood becomes sausage, pretzels, and peanut brittle, stone becomes solid chocolate, lava is replaced with molten chocolate, and all things that normally would be food are now a lot more fattening.

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notice: i too will watch with great interest


You might consider looking to a game called Noita for some artstyle inspiration. the game looks great and more or less is a sandbox game, though it’s more structured than Minecraft.

We’ll watch your career with great interest.jpg

I just saw another person already did this joke ;-;

I recognize that image, and realize I forgot to post my own.
Great interest

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but there is an ifunny mark on that too

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im interested however what style of art you leaning more towards a detailed platformer style like starbound or something else

Henlo. I have some talent in Aseprite and also am a hobbyist artist that does commissions (successfully). I am not asking you to pay me, but if there is some Discord or organized mess I can be invited to, I would request that you send me a private message of your Discord ID so that I may collaborate with you.

I am interested in helping (possibly) and I need a project, because I have too much free time that needs to be taken up by something.

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I like the idea i cant wait for the game to be released.

there’s now a discord server for the game, but don’t worry, I’ll be announcing things both here and the discord. discord will have some previews and the such though, and I’ll get back to your questions there faster. link is Untitled Fat Sandbox Game

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