Untitled sandbox dating sim Renpy game

Hey everyone!

I have an idea about making a dating sim game, where later you will be able to chose your date. You will play as a guy, who moves into a new city (Yeah, cliché, but we have to start somewhere). I’ll implement the datable characters one-by-one with standalone story lines, every one with their unique personality. You will have to do time and financial management, build your own carrier, make your company and get someone who you enjoy to be with. I’d like to do repeatable scenes as well and do decisions there, to add or reduce the character’s affection for you.

Inspired by a lot of RenPy games out there.

Oh, and why the weight gain tag? Because every character will have their own daily (or weekly) routine, with a metabolism system. So I’d like to make every character to be able to gain or lose weight, based on their daily activity, what can be affected by the MC.

I’d like to get help in it (designer help first, for 2d character models)

I’ve already started the coding, so I’ll release a demo when I’ll have a playable version