Untitled WG Tomagachi Esque Sim

Howdy Yall Cowboy here, and I’ve got something fun for yall! So in my free time for the past few days I’ve been making a lil weight gain game just for fun. And for once in my life I’m sharing it with the internet… eventually. I’ve still got a list of things to do but first here’s what I have


The point of the game is to go to work, play a rhythm game that based on score will give you an amount of money. Then to buy some food at the shop and feed it to your girl. When she gets too full you can either work or pet/rub her to ease her fullness. The “Ending” shows up when she reaches 300 lbs or so and you max out her affection. In the actual game her affection will be represented by hearts and the other functions will be meters, money will probably be the same though. The girl will also say things throughout for added personality.

So the list of what to do by order of priority:

  1. Finish working on the rhythm game section, the main bits are done but charting is a pain
  2. Get blurbs and ending VN esque pop ups working
  3. Actually design the Girl (What you see in the gif is just a sketch I did real quick)
  4. Finish all the art
  5. Add SFX and Music (Not exactly my main prioity but I wanna make some Comfy music instead of Rock for once)
  6. Put a Title screen and some options, and a Save function
  7. Ship it

Now I know this is a simple game and could probably be finished in about 2 weeks but I’m a very busy person and this is not even a big priority. I estimate this will probably be done, maybe in a month or a month in a half, this ain’t my first rodeo after all. I’ll keep all of yall posted about whatever progress I do make though. I would also love to here yall’s thoughts and ideas on anything here.

From, A Modern Strange Cowboy, Yeehaw!


Definitely seems interesting, so color me down as ‘hopeful for demo’.


looks very nice, i will enjoy this once it comes out

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well, i’ll be damned, i guess these 300hrs in quaver were worth it after all.

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Update #1:
Howdy Yall and good morning, It dawned on me just a bit ago that there was no way to lose weight or shrink size without the Debug controls. Well Now there are weight loss and size shrinkers in the store, Yeehaw. on top of that I’ve gotten a bit more of the charting done for the rhythm section. I even fixed a glitch where you would get the points for both a perfect AND a good if you were right on the edge of both. Now for the badish but not really bad news. I won’t be able to work on this for around the next 2 or 3 days as I have a few other things I’ve gotta do in my freetime out of work but hopefully This Sunday I can let yalls play a quick demo, although maybe it’d be better to just release the full thing in a month or so, thoughts?


Just an idea for a name, but what about Tumagachi?


She needs to have a toggleable cowboy hat.


This seems very well done! I’m excited.

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Might be Your Amazing T-Gotchi on steam