Update on Judging on GainJam 2020 Part 2!

Good news is things are moving along, I have everyone’s score sheets in hand and just two more submissions I need to finish scoring which I will have done this weekend!

Baring any unforeseen issues I will be compiling the scores together next week and we should be ready to announce the winner by the 14th! Since we are getting close to being done I want to remind everyone to remember to like their favorite submissions for the community choice award before the 14th!

Thank you all for your patience with us this year!


Where do we like our fav submissions?

You like the OP of the topic

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But I’ve liked so many topics, am I supposed to unlike the one’s I’m NOT voting for?

Unfortunately, yes. Its the easiest and most reliable way for us to measure a submissions popularity with the users of the site.