Update: One Day Left for Gain Jam 2023 ("Lo-Cal" edition)!

Jam Participants!

Mission End in T-Minus 60 Minutes and counting!

Give it your all to push those limits like never before! More power to the engines! More hands to the pumps! She can take everything you can throw at her and with room to spare! More I say, damn you!


Please make sure your entry is posted as a thread in #gain-jam:lo-cal-gain-jam-8-2023 section upon the deadline of noon (12:00 UTC -7) of Saturday 26th of August. Since this is a more casual jam (despite the intense trappings of the theme, eheh :sweat_smile:) and without the usual stakes, I will allow for some leeway for anyone struggling to make the deadline. Please don’t forsake your entry if you feel you cannae do it, Cap’n! Besides, it’s only within theme that we push the limits on the Jam constraints itself, hey? :wink:

To all teams and participants, god speed and best of luck! Strap in as we’re on the final approach!


Don’t stress yourself by trying to make it perfect, you can always do that in your own time when the competition is over. What’s important is that you have something that works.