Update: One Week to Go until Gain Jam! (Patreon Wildcard revealed!)

With just under one week to go, folks, hope you all are excited and prepared for the coming weeks of hot, jam-packed Jam action!

The Community Wildcard was revealed last week and so, with one week to go, I will publicly disclose to you all that the Patreon Wildcard, chosen by poll last month, is:

Progress Through Failure

Quite the wrinkle to see how you will incorporate this challenge if you choose to accept it. How does one fail to get ahead? That will be down to you do determine and demonstrate!

And so the currently revealed Wildcards are as follows:

1. Minions

2. Progress Through Failure

3. ??? (Admin’s Card to be revealed alongside the Theme!)

Just a further few small reminders from me:

  1. There is still time to organise yourselves into a team if you are interested in partaking in the Jam as part of one! We’ve had a decent uptake on the “Looking for Team” channel in the Discord server, but for those who want to stick with the forum please feel free to post here: Gain Jam Teams - Weight Gaming
    We want to encourage as many people to participate and show off their talents so team entries are highly welcome! Just remember that whilst you, an individual, can join multiple teams (though inadvisable), it is still one submission entry per team.

  2. For those who missed the wiki announcement or need a reminder, the official Gain Jam rules can be found on our new wiki page here: Gain Jam | Weight Gaming Community Wiki

  3. The Guess the Theme contest will be held on the Discord channel in the final run-up to the Jam. Stay tuned for it this weekend!

Whew, that’s all for now. Stay excited, folks!


May I ask what the other Patreon wildcard options were? I think they’d make for interesting discussion.


Whilst there isn’t an issue on the surface, I’m a little leery for sparking discussion here on the other cards suggestions for risk of causing any confusion or mixed signals. Perhaps in a separate discussion thread over in General or something.