update thread



the game is getting released slowly over time, so as a result I have no definitive release date for the full game


alright so I am slowly working on updates, been busy with some personal issues, though nothing is finished since I don’t have any sprites to work with, and I don’t want a game where the gain is implied and not shown


well makes sense you want to show it, but its good to hear your still working on it


alright quite a big update, while not fully implemented I’ve added Adriana a dancer, she is probably going to be the only pseudo thin (you’ll understand when you play) female character in the game, added a boat to allow you to explore the rest of the world (though limited since most of the area’s hasn’t been implemented yet, added an upstairs to Nanako’s house

I’m making this the official 0.3.0 version of the game, I think this is enough to properly give a taste of the story and game, though most sprites aren’t implemented (entirely because I have no artistic capabilities in making an even decent sprite, especially compared to mr stuffer rpg maker guy) so bear that in mind when someone isn’t fat when they should


So uh… I’m trying to figure out where’s the spellbook in the library… on the slot where there is the red carpet there is nothing and I’ve been spamming on everything with no success :confused:


oops that’s a glitch it looks like, I’ll fix it


This isn’t a bug but, i am unable to install the RTP on my computer of choice at the moment, is it possible for you to include the RTP built in as i know other games have included it. Maybe make an alternative download for the one with the inbuilt RTP even, please


I’ll see what I can do, though I’m surprised you can’t download the RTP


so next update is going to consist of making the ice city, and the next dungeon, now I have a question, should I have monsters start before or after the demon shows up? or should it be regular animals then monsters


i say normal animals


same here animals first!


alright I’ll do regular animals, and as the story progresses less animals will show up and more monsters will show


next update is the bug fix, and the RTP is a program to install into the computer, so combining it with the RTP wouldn’t work, but I got the setup for anyone interested


alright so I’ve been getting complains about the game feeling empty so I’ll be altering my release plans, my next update will be to flesh out the beginning area’s I’ll even be adding some enemies in the form of animals, so the NPC’s outside of Nanako’s house will be obsolete and will hence be removed, I also fixed some bugs that people have found, I should have a release either at the end of the day or tomorrow, depending on how much content gets done today


got to admit it did make the game feel weird being so empty, but woooo new version soon


yeah I’ve been working hard on the game, and really I hope this update shows it.


here’s an edited version of Nanako’s house the extra rooms does help make it feel smaller, and there are a few extra things in it, I’d like some feedback on the edit, or if I should work on it more


alright so good news, I’m releasing an update today

  1. added NPC’s, and made the town more vibrant
  2. changed the look of Nanako’s house, I’ll most likely do more to it as time passes but I’d like to hear people’s opinion on the change if it’s for the better or not
  3. added basic enemies in the forest, before the meteor strikes, so that’s the only way to level up, and you get a taste of Nanako’s heavy spell.
  4. started work on the snow village, not playable at the moment but it’ll be in place next update
  5. added some FA related stuff in it, for example a cake is hidden in Nanako’s house

figured out how to release the game with the RTP attached so I’m sending 2 copies one where you’ll be able to open the files and the other where it’s just the game
I hope everyone enjoys this update and I’d like feedback

non editable

the non editable version has the RTP already installed so all you have to do is run the .exe file to play the game, I can’t remember if I encrypt the files or not but either way this is how I’ll be releasing them from now on


The game bugs out after I place the groceries in the basket. Nanako gets stuck on a wall during the cut scene where she runs outside. I’d guess that you didn’t change the cut scene after you changed the house.


yeah I made a quick fix to it, and I’m uploading the fixed version on mediafire