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Quick bit of criticism: I think the encounter rate, and number of monsters per encounter, in the path to Nanako’s home are FAR too high. I was blinded and poisoned by a total of five encounters, all with at least two monsters each, while I was walking through the very short path from the forest edge to Nanako’s house. For that length of a path, even running shouldn’t have me encounter more than two fights, and CERTAINLY not any that give status effects.

Nanako was very quickly able to deal with all the threats, once her turn came about, so the encounters are a lot more balanced than another project I tried, recently, but it still breaks the flow of the intro far too much to be running into this many of them.


fixed a number of bugs
rtp included



alright so my next update is going to be quite a bit bigger than previous ones
1: it’ll have a proper dungeon
2: I’m working on the hidden village, so that’ll be explorable in the next update, with NPC’s.
3: snow village will be complete at least the design and the dungeon is going to be a part of the this area
4: I’m fleshing out the playable characters better, making the moves, getting the equipment and weapons
5: more fleshing out of the world, maybe a few rogue NPC’s that want to get fat since it’s against the law etc.

if anyone has more suggestions for content let me know, I’m open to suggestions

also if anyone knows a good site to make music for the game I just don’t want to use stock music, as well as a site that allows me to make portraits, one that allows for multiple coloured eyes


This may be my faulty memory, but does RPGMaker not have a face builder?


it does but the issue is that they don’t have one as customisable as I would like


so I got Photoshop, but I have very limited knowledge with it so the sprites aren’t any good at all, when I release the game with the sprites, which won’t be the next update, I assure you, if anyone wants to make them look better go right ahead

with regards to the game updates, I’m working on the sprite work but like I said they’ll be horrible at best, snow village is being made, I also found a lot of icons so they’ll be implemented in the next update (which will most likely make the game massive)

if anyone has any questions about the updates go right ahead and ask


so internet is down at the moment (in fact I’m typing this with my phone) but I’m working on the game, I’ve added a few features into the game, including full screen, as well as a party manager, as this game is going to have 20 characters, I know it seems like a lot to undertake, the characters will slowly be implemented, so they won’t be in the game for a while, just letting you guys know

game is being worked on and evolving as I go, with the implementation of the party manager,

also I’d like to thank HeWhoVexes for proof-reading the game, I appreciate the help in this game


so hows it going, just wondering what you’ve been working on lately


working on characters, made a dungeon, and working on second town (surprisingly hard considering it’s a snow castle town)


well ice levels are always hard so it figures making them is hard too


Been a while since the last update. Just checking in to make sure you’re not dead.


I’m still working on it, I took a small break on it because I was getting a block for the town though I have made a dungeon


That’s good to hear.


So laptop is on the fritz, charge cable is dead and battery is on its last legs, so I won’t be able to work on the game for much until I get a new charge cable, sorry for the delay


hey i dont know if im missing something but i have trouble with a few things. first of all, everytime i enter the church, i end up in some other house that i can’t leave. also, i cant find the spell book. i remember once i think it lit up but now no matter where i search i cant find it. also am i meant to do more in the forest than just activate all of the plants? just making sure.


Those were some glitches that were found during the last update, the next update should fix those
And the flowers opens a small alcove though the event isn’t available yet in the alcove, plus there should be a village in the other end of the forest


is this project still alive


The game is still alive, I’m just doing a serious overhaul, as I wasn’t happy with how the original turned out, so I’m essentially holding out until I make something I’m happy with


Oh that’s great :smile:


Is this still being worked on, because I’d hate to see a good project disappear like this.