Update to Patreon Rewards

Good day everyone! As you all know we are getting near our 4th annual Gain Jam! Unfortunately, due to some behavior we saw last year we have to make some changes to our current rewards.

As many of you know $10 tiers and up are allowed to vote on the gain jam theme, but last year we saw quite a few people join and then drop the $10 tier during the jam. While we expect some cheating the number we saw was much higher then we expected and due to the timing and the specific tier we are fairly sure a number of the users that did that where trying to see what the theme was before it was announced.

Due to this we are planning a two changes to the Patreon and some of the tiers.

  1. We are going to be removing the vote reward from all tiers. Instead we will be giving $10 and up the ability to suggest themes.

  2. We are considering enabling upfront payments to discourage people joining and then dropping. We are still considering this, but we think it may help discourage people from just dropping in to see what the theme suggestions are.

We are still working out the details but will release more information on the changes once we implement them. And thank you all again for your support!

As usual if you wish to support us directly (and now no longer see ads) you can support us on patreon