User Interface Issue

Hey, for some reason I seem to have an issue with the game I don’t see anyone else having an issue with.
The user interface is problematically small, for some reason. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that I get issues like buttons not displaying the whole text that’s meant to be on them.
The biggest problem is that whenever I go to the agency to get more proxies, I can’t do so because the “Accept Contract” button leaves the small screen whenever I click on a name.

Anyone know a fix to this? I’m using Windows 10. I’ve already tried compatibility modes, but none of them helped.

What is your monitor resolution?

I seem to recall running into a similar issue a few years back on a high-DPI display. Older versions of Java aren’t as DPI-aware as they claim to be, resulting in some bizarre scaling issues.

The simplest solution would be to upgrade to Java 9 or 10; while the game was built on either 6 or 7, Java is usually pretty good about backwards-compatibility, although newer versions mark a pretty radical shift in terms of internal design. Java 9 finally fixed DPI scaling, although I’ll admit I’m not actually running it to know if the game works with it.

If the game doesn’t work with newer Javas, or if it’s not a feasible solution for other reasons, you might have to go back to compatibility settings again. Find the actual Java executable (not the .jar file for the game), right-click and open its properties menu, and check the setting that says something like ‘override DPI scaling for this program’ or something like that, allowing Windows to try and scale it rather than accepting that Java knows how to do it (it doesn’t).

As an absolute last resort, you can change the universal scaling settings in Windows. Open the display properties, enter the Customize menu, and set the slider that says ‘Change the size of text and programs’ or something similar down to 100% if it’s higher. This will affect your entire desktop, though, and never really produced decent results for me, so I wouldn’t recommend.

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