Using Brave Rewards To Support Weight Gaming

So, lately I’ve been using the web browser Brave and I have the rewards system activated. (Periodically giving me ads to give money to content creators) I regularly browse this forum, and want to support it (and it’s endeavors) with the earnings from Brave. Though the amount is small, with thousands of users the money could add up. As far as I know nobody has mentioned using Brave Rewards. Could the owner of Weight Gaming collect Brave Rewards to add to the finance pot?

(The browser is pretty cool, with all the ad-blocker n’ such)


Very interesting concept, we may need to check this out.

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I don’t got a credit card but I will help in any way I can! If this can actually be used to support Weight gaming of course

The rate of money from Brave browser ads seems to be a lot higher than it started out as. I currently have $12 from it (still took pretty long) and it is easier to donate than to withdraw so I would say it is favorable to have the site accept it.