Using koikatu + Style2Paints V3 to creat anime characters


Style2Paints V3:

3 minutes fast colorization in PaintsTransfer


Maybe include the guide on how to translate it, as the game doesn’t have english support by default, I’d include a link to the guide on a steam thread that I know works(because I’ve used it), but I’m having trouble finding it… if I find it, I’ll link it.


Follow it TO THE LETTER!
Don’t download the latest version of those things, hunt down the versions it suggests.
It’s not translated 100%, just 99%, what little isn’t doesn’t matter.

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How can i access a working version of Style2Paints? They don’t seem to have an offline version

Hmmm, wait, this is koikatsu, is V-katsu compatible? The guide I posted is for V-katsu.

This issue:

It’s OK replacing V-katsu with Koikatu.
Both can create line sketches.

Thanks, Sino :smiley:

How to turn KK character to outline?