Vacuum Voyager


You are captain Spacegal, stranded among bizarre remnants of what seems to be a spaceship filled with teleporters. Without a rocket backpack, jump boots or anything of the sort, your last hope remains in your species’ inate ability - to rapidly inflate!


  • WASD and arrow keys move the camera
  • Left mouse inflates Captain Spacegal, sending her careening towards whatever you aim at

What to expect from Vacuum Voyager:

  • 13 puzzling levels that task you with bouncing among remnants to reach the exit
  • Inflation (lots of it)
  • squeaking (lots-er of it)
  • Captain Spacegal (cute)
  • A whole host of alternate colors for Captain Spacegals (stylish)
  • And an original soundtrack!



Pornucopia - concept, gameplay programming, level design, physics programming
Wonda ( - Spriting, music, shader programming, tilemaps, UI


This was pretty cool! I like games where you have plan angles and where things are gonna bounce and stuff. It needs an exit button on the main menu, though, and probably an escape menu to let you exit the game too.

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Thanks for playing! I’ll definitely try and include those in the next version.

Cool game, and interesting concept! I liked the variety of levels you made, and all of the different mechanics that worked well with the general concept. Great job!

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This game is really fun and cute, i love how the difficulty ramped up each level and how you introduced new mechanics as the levels went on. I really hope you expand on this game. Nice job

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The large amount of mechanics that keeps the whole thing fresh is really appreciated!

The only things i can suggest if this project is continued are to add level resets and ways to exit/navigate the game’s menus.

Thank you for this wonderful game!

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