Variable Question

Anyone know what the actual difference is between abdomen.size and generic.abdomen ? abdomen.size seems to be an actual summation of the various internals but then what is generic.abdomen looking at? Tried searching it up and while Juxtaterrestrial made a post years ago speculating it was just the amount that the belly stuck out from being flat he just lined it out and said he’d done some refactoring without actually confirming that.

abdomen.size is a crude measure of the contents of your abdomen as a sphere. generic.abdomen is, essentially, the difference between that volume and the character’s base waist size - in other words, yes, it measures how far the character’s belly sticks out.

The goal of generic.abdomen is to represent a distance in cm sticking straight out from where a flat stomach would be.

Ok, thanks. Wasn’t sure which i should be using for checks.

So if i want to build an effect inside the automatic calculations which resulted in a bigger belly would it just make the most sense to apply it to abdomen.volume and let the recalcs handle the conversion to abdomen.size and generic.abdomen?

Any changes to abdomen.volume would just be reset the next time the hour rolled over. I changed how this all works in my mod I’m working on, so forgive me if the specific are wrong. But generally abdomen.volume gets set every hour. what you want to change is the things that contribute to abdomen.volume. So that’s like uterus volume, stomach volume abdomen fat volume. And with the case of the volume of fat in the abdomen, even that volume gets reset every hour, so you’d have to change fat.belly and generic.fat.

It’s pretty complicated.