Version 0.4 Playtest Thread



Just a heads up now that there is a slight chance I may get roped into helping my family cut some trees down that are close to our internet lines tomorrow. Hopefully not considering that we’re still waiting on bulk trash to get out what we got last time, but I’ll try to keep you guys updated as to what my status is, as my dad loves to choose the most inconvenient times for me to do this stuff.


Looks like I am going to be a little late, but shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes. Here’s hoping Silver can make it too!


I hate to do this again but it looks like I will be travelling Friday and any delays would cut into our play time. Any possibility we could do Thursday again this week?


Actually, dang, I have work Thursday, nevermind. We’ll just have to cross our fingers.


I don’t know about the other people from the Sunday group, but I’ll be free all day next Monday in case we want to supplement the usual session. Just figured I’d mention it since it isn’t usually an option, but that also assumes we haven’t already worn Nuumi out with out shenanigans.


Hey group. I’m sick as a dog today so I’m gonna call of today’s game. If it’s alright with everyone else I’ll run it tomorrow (100%, even if I have to run it ill). Let me know if you guys will be available tomorrow.


I should be available all day tomorrow. Can start earlier than the usual time, but that’s up to the others and Pirate.


Been abit ill myself, but I can turn up tomorrow.


I should be able to do it tomorrow. I’ll be around at around 2:00, 2:30 at latest.


I can do tomorrow whenever- I think 2:00 for silver is 9:00 for me, and 5:00 for Nuumi. So I’ll be on then.


I’m available all day tomorrow, and on the weekends from 8pm-2am EST


just send me a PM when a game is available


Hey, we’re all still planning on playing today, right?


Hey, guys. I was just talking with Nuumi and she is still really feeling sick and hasn’t slept well, so the game is off today while she takes care of herself and beats whatever she caught. Here is to hoping you get better soon and to future nomming adventures, Nuumi. Get well soon, from all of us as players and readers.


Game is tenuous tonight, will post again in a couple hours, to inform what the deal is


Okay! Regardless, though, I’m free next week on Thursday but not Friday. So we’re just having a tough time scheduling these.


I’m afraid I’m gonna have to cancel tonight. Should be good for next week unless something comes up.


Hey Sunday peoples! As a reminder/warning/PSA/whatever, daylight savings goes into effect this weekend.


Double checking, Nuumi and Friday folks: Is Thursday good this week? Again, I can’t do this Friday.


I’m good on Thursday, I just need to know if the time is as usual so I can set my clock.