Version 0.4 Playtest Thread

Thought I’d open up a new thread for the updated rules discussion for 0.4

Current Groups-
Flexi-Friday- (6pm-11pm GMT)

Sunday- (6pm-11pm GMT)

The Calculator V2 is now properly accepting eating commands and appropriately updating fatigue/stomach contents, as well as outputting messages to describe changes to stomach contents and fatigue.
Moving onto the rest break and digestion function now

(Update 2)
Calculator can now do rest breaks and digestion of food stomachs. That’ll have to do for now but I anticipate it being able to manage fluids and food/fluids by the end of the week, as well as hopefully avoiding bloat stacks and stuff being digested. For now, sleep!

OH man that is AWESOME! You weren’t kidding when you said you didn’t have much work to get it operational.

Woot! All aboard the Cheese Cannon, meat dragon fighting train fueled by bacon!

I could be there at 6:40 GMT Friday. (I am in class til then)

Calculator’s functioning real well, Sunday crew!

I almost want to have a general discussion thread for players from both groups to chat about what’s going on in their games…

If we’re allowed too…

Kobolds. Lots of red kobolds with one large, feral, hungry green dragon. I’ll let the others fill in the rest of the details.

We just rebooted, but we’d had a similar experience in our past run! We’re going in a different direction this time, though.

Though, last time we went up against something giant(in an actual fight), wasn’t it a giant Naga, and not a dragon? Either way, they’re both scaly beasts that’ll fall to us, right?

Man, this seems really awesome. When is the next game?

Yea, I would like to know as well

Is there anytime i could join in, i’ve only more recently learned about how cool the concept of fetishized D&D is :slight_smile:

I’m free as normal this Friday. I know we discussed whether we could all show up earlier than we have been, but I don’t think we reached a conclusion? I’m available pretty early most Fridays that I’m online.

Hey all. The Friday game should go ahead as normal this week but I am at a hospital appointment through the day so there may be a small delay. It’s unlikely but just leaving a warning if I do happen to be late home. See you tomorrow!

Thanks for the heads up and wishing you good health!

Friday something has entered into my schedule at a set time. I’ll have to leave at 12 PST ( 8:00 Nuumi-Time), but! My morning is completely free. I was hoping we could do what we’ve done before and push the start time back, say 2 hours to 8 PST? (6 in Nuumi-standard time)

I can generally meet up earlier, and this week is no exception. (Next week we might have to play by ear, as I’m travelling to the other coast?)

To clear up ambiguity: Is this a new scheduling commitment every week, or just this week?

It would just be this week. Some Friday’s I can be on earlier, some I can’t. Our current (usual) time is the soonest I can guarantee being on on Fridays.

I am afraid I have to cancel tomorrow’s game of Voracious. I have been invited to a family meal and felt it would be rude to refuse the offer. Apologies to the Friday players for the trouble. Sunday game should go ahead as normal.

There’s a chance I might be up to an hour late on Sunday. Hopefully not, but I just wanted to let you all know that there is a possibility. I’ll try to hop on Skype and let somebody know for sure day of if it looks like I’m going to be delayed at all.

Sounds okay. I’m usually in the room by the time, so I’m a good person to notify, as is Nuumi directly. I think she’s on around that time anyways due to time zone shenanigans.