Very Perverted Skyrim Modder Here

Hey, Code Serpent here. Same Code Serpent that’s over on LoversLab.

Finally joined to try out ShyDispatch’s mod, and might be asking around for help to make a Skyrim weight gain mod as well.

I’ve already released Body Builders and Morphology, which have some weight gain aspects to them, but I’m thinking about developing a more dedicated fat mod. Though, I’ll need to work on my animation and modeling skills to get there, as I mostly deal with scripting.

If anyone wants to colab, feel free to ask.


Skyrim mods have always been a mystery to me. I have seen videos and screenshots but could never succeed in installing any of them successfully

I wish you the best of luck! Skyrim is in need of a good weight gain mod!

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Is there any chance of those being ported to Special Edition?

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I don’t use SE, so someone else will have to take care of that. Should be simple enough if you have the SE Creation Kit installed.

Coldsteelj made a very very good fallout 4 weight gain mod. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d be willing to help out as well. Last I checked, you can probably get a hold of them on their Deviantart page and on loverslab.

Ah, Skyrim! Awesome game, although I haven’t played it for a couple of years or so. Seeing those mods put me in the mood to play it again though :slight_smile:

The problem with modding Skyrim is that you inevitably install one awesome mod too many, and it breaks the game. Often permanently. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to reinstall it due to a mod problem. Hopefully Elder Scrolls 6 will be more stable with mods, although I have my doubts :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I think Coldsteelj has done mods for Skyrim too? I’m sure I had at least one installed. He has an account here, but I’m not sure how active he is on this forum.

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I loved Body Builders. It was such an immersive way to change your character’s body over a long period of time.
Sadly, since I use a ton of other mods, I rarely end up playing a single save that lasts for more than a few weeks before there’s a new update and I have to reinstall everything with a new save.
It’s a bit frustrating lol I might have to separate a save with this mod and a few simple mods of its ilk into a more permanent playthrough.

There’s already WeightMorphs and the Adiposian mod, but both are rather old and have some compatibility issues when used with other mods in Skyrim SE. Ideally, I think a WG mod would build on those and work with mods that have belly physics (ie; CBBE 3BBB).

I really like the former since it allows you to use Bodyslide to customise the max weight appearance.

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Back when I was playing Skyrim I used a few mods in conjunction with one another that gave a really realistic experience. One was a full “survival” suite of mods including stuff like Frostfall, Campfires and (most importantly) a needs mod - I think it was either something like iNeeds. This made it so that I had to keep food and drink on me, eat regularly and often spend lots of time in Inns whenever I got to towns to compensate for going out on the road.

The next mod was Being Female, which was a super intricate (but somewhat hard to get working) mod that added pregnancy, a full menstrual cycle and birth control. The mod actually changed your body if you had CBB installed, so you’d be able to see your growth over time. Also, when you were in later stages of pregnancy, you would (realistically) be a lot slower on your feet and need to rest more, leading to lots of sedentary moments of snacking during that third trimester.

The last mod I used was called Pork Up (iirc, and also WeightMorphs) which was a weight gain mod. It had several triggers for what would make you gain weight, but the one I used was just eating food. Different foods have different caloric values which would lead to more or less weight gain, and activities like running and jumping would burn calories, leading to weight loss. Like Being Female, it can change your body if you have CBB installed.

The culmination of all three of these was a really niche but super hot fetish for me, with a fit and muscular adventurer finishing her story arc before settling down and getting pudgy during peacetime. I just love that idea of the badass hero of legend who fought and killed the king of dragons slowly transitions into domestic life where her waistline loses the battle to sweetrolls. It’s a long, LONG playthrough to get the full experience but the realistic, slow burn of it all was thoroughly worth it for me.

I almost certainly got the names of some of the mods wrong but if you’re looking to build a complete WG mod then those I listed (and how they synergize together) would probably a great place to start when getting the full scope of the concept together. And yeah, as others have stated it would be great to have one mod that was really targeted WG cuz trying to get 10+ mods to all play nicely together is a headache, lol


That sounds like an amazing playthrough. It’s been a while since I played as a wholesome character; I might use this idea next time I create a new character.

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i got some of the best wg mods together with frostfall and iNeed and wow that is fun, especially if you set potions on super high calorie you can walk out of risky battles after having to chug potions and end up a total blob! (i say walk when i mean waddle lol)

Some nice work you have there! It always amazes me the kind of work modders like yourself can do.

Either way welcome to our humble little community, I hope you enjoy your time here!

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@CodeSerpent for your Body Builder mod, I know you have the bodyslide presets set for UNP body HDT but would it still work if I made my own presets for CBBE HDT instead? I know I have to name those presets as the same ones in your mod. I’m hoping that you might know if that will work as well