Victoria 3

I was looking around the portrait editor and saw that you can make characters fat. I also noticed that there is a ton of pops who are poor and look emaciated level thin. I wanted to get the discussion started of how to make pops fat, and whether or not that is even possible.


Ok how the fuck did you play a 19th century economic management simulator and thought “hmm but what if I made everyone fat?” I appreciate the idea but HOW


Seems like the natural course to me


Considering they use the character models from ck3, and ck3 has a system for weight gain and loss, it would be more surprising if weight gain and loss are not part of the game than if they are. That said, after playing a good amount, I do not think it is in the game. I am praying for the community to get started modding it soon.


I’m inspecting the modding potential for this game. The main question is can weight (and height) be supported for each individual pop.

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Ok, good news first. The character appearance system is exactly the same as in CK3. The genes were just copy pasted and we have the same triggers that change character appearance. This is both for pops and individual characters. Individual characters may change their weight based on some traits, while pops’ weight depends on their affluence. Here is what vanilla fattest looks like, you can get people as big as this:

Vanilla fattest

I changed some values and this is what I got:


They could probably be even fatter than this, but clothes will start to clip. Anyway, a proper modeller can create better shapes and prevent clipping, like Mange did in CK3.

Gameplay-wise I’m not sure if we can check how much of a demand is fulfilled for the pop. If this was possible we could check for how much demand for cakes or dining service, for example, was fulfilled, and change weight accordingly. There might be some way to do this since you can see how much of a certain good the POP buys, but currently I don’t know how. Building from there you could add new goods and services which influence the weight of the pop.
So, the potential is there, but it requires a bit of work.


Can you explain where in the game files this info is? I tried looking myself but I always struggle reading through code for paradox games. I want to know about which traits make characters fat/ thin.

I didn’t realize the Victoria series was even a thing, or that it was also made by the company who developed Crusader Kings 3.

Not surprising, Victoria II came out over 10 years ago. I can see how anyone who doesn’t follow Paradox’s stuff might not know about it.

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I’ll probably be getting this game in a couple days, I’ll take a look at it and see what I can do. I already have a few ideas for events that lean more on the politics of the interest groups, labor unions, land owners and petite bourgeoise in particular, if the modding is as flexible as I believe it to be.

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It’s weird, as you can always hear the release of Paradox’s new games screamed in the media. Even games like Cities Skylines and Prison Architect, two big hits that you actually don’t realize they are theirs. It’s likely the type of games they produce don’t really generate brand recognition outside of the strategy games world.

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