Violet - weight gain game demo 0.3.2

Hello! I’ve been here for quite a while and I’ve always loved all the games here. for years I’ve been wanting to get into programming so I could make my own games and give back to this wonderful community.

Today’s the day!

Meet Violet, a blue-haired cowgirl who works as a food critic. However, your actions decide just how much her job impacts her waistline.

This is an early demo of my first visual novel. I’ve been generating AI art for quite some time now, and I’ve decided to start making visual novels with it.

Check out my discord if you have any feedback or suggestions. I’m open to ideas as to what should be included in the game, I also host polls that you can vote on what should be added.

Version 0.3.2 is now out!



  • textbox moved to the top
  • 2 new images of violet facing away
  • smoother transitions between the different pics when she’s getting stuffed
  • hyperlinks added in credits


  • music added


  • new chapter

  • art remastered by ASimpleLizard


  • new chapter added

  • main menu image added


Very cool, I’ll have to check this out later. :+1:

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I really like the concept and art of this game hope you continue !


Just had a quick run through of the demo. Really great start. If you don’t mind me asking, which service do you use to generate the images? I can’t tell if you’re masking or inpainting but the result is amazing, not even the barest hint of distortion on the rest of the image like you get with progressive img to img

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thank you! I use stable diffusion automatic 1111. and yes, I was using img2img and inpainting for the stuffing scenes, but it took a fair amount of trial and error to get it as seamless as possible


thanks! and good catch with editing the tags, thanks for that :ok_hand:

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great demo, good start.


Not a fan of subtly ruining someone’s life for your fetishes theme.

I’m sorry if the demo gave you a bad first impression, but I understand where you’re coming from. I think the fault is on me for releasing the demo so early. in future development, it will be revealed that she’s just a closeted feedee, and she fully accepts and enjoys being a feedee. this isn’t one of those darker games where you manipulate others, I assure you everything is consensual in this game. I just wanted to introduce a plot point as to why she starts off so thin if she loves food so much, I apologize if that was misleading


this is more a vertical slice than a demo in my mind, but a not bad one (Even with having to use my Ren’py editor to boot it up as for some reason the exe file wasn’t working)

if i were to give any advise with how it is right now is

  • Fluff out the story in general and put your own unique flare on it

  • Make the Characters gaining in question a quirk related to the fetish in question

  • Add other side and important characters in-between the interactions of those gaining weight


hmm, you’re the second person to mention that they needed to use their renpy editor to open it, yet it still seems to work fine for most people. thanks for pointing that out. do you think there’s any issue on my end that I need to fix?

and yea, I know it’s an extremely short and early demo, more of a proof of concept really. I have lots of plans to expand the story, as well defining the personalities of the characters more, and even introducing more characters. I have previews and plans laid out in my discord server if you’re interested

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no wizard i’m the same one! :rofl:

oh gotcha, my bad haha :joy:


  • I was able to open the Mac version normally.
  • The narrative says the lady is stuffed, but the image doesn’t show a stuffed gut but a fat one. Not the same thing! We fattylovers can tell these things.
  • I didn’t mind giving someone a push towards gaining, but I see how it might rub some the wrong way.
  • Half of me thinks “Yay! Cowgirl!”. The other half thinks “Wait, does nobody mention that because this is a fantasy world, or what?”

The game right now is so short I almost don’t know what to say, feedback-wise. Where do you want to take this thing, anyway?

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This is a promising start! I’m waiting to see where this goes

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I’m glad to hear the mac build worked fine, since that was something I was unable to test

I tried my best for the stuffing scenes, but img2img and inpainting is such a pain for me haha, I might go back and redo some of those images

as the story progresses, you really do see the character progression of Violet revealing that she always wanted to give in to the feedee lifestyle, but was just shy about it

huh, I never really thought about that, I guess nobody mentions it because it’s a fantasy world :sweat_smile:

thanks for your feedback! I’m kinda leaving the direction pretty open, and leaving it up to the polls and suggestions in my discord server

thanks! feel free to join my discord if you wanna leave suggestions or partake in polls to shape what direction the game takes

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