Virt-a-mate has a lot of potential

I know this topic has been discussed but a long time ago, but might be interesting to bring it again

If you don’t know what this is (being really (really) reductive) is like Daz but being more accesible and with ready made scenes, and for VR

It’s really easy to adapt existing scenes into fat-admirer or weight gain scenarios (adding morphs into the vamtimeline, for example)

The only one I know that makes this kind of content for the game is OWREHL (really recomend the subscription)

tbf this is me being selfish, been lurking for a some time here but I want more specific content in the game lol


There was actually somebody here that posted some interactive WG stuff for that here a while ago, it was somewhat limited due to how daz models handle bellies, but it was interesting stuff. I’d dig out the post for you but I’m having trouble finding it.

My biggest issue with Virt-a-mate is that I just find it rather uncanny and unsatisfying, due to my familiarity with the genesis 2 models.

Been a long time since I followed Virt-a-mate, but I’m sure it’s being reworked to take advantage of newer Genesis models.

I work with it myself and yes, with a few additions you can make pretty decent stuff.
As far as weight gain content goes you can make your models get pretty big and still look decent, but if you want to make some real high quality stuff DAZ remains your best bet by a long shot

Yes VAM2 uses genesis8 and a slew of features that vam1 and genesis8 both lack. MeshedVR posts progress updates in frequently but those updates are pretty impressive:

Most recent one Virt-A-Mate Hub

Video from last year VaM 2.X September and Early October Progress Update - YouTube

How do you get it?
Ive been trying to find it for quite sometime

Has lots of potential indeed. If you know how to use it, Blender can do somewhat believable morphs. VaM is also vr so you can admire their hugeness. Using Acid Bubble’s Collider editor is mandatory because big models and ragdoll physics can do lots of mess.


I assume these images from blender? They look better than I’ve ever seen from vam.

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It’s VaM with a melting point number of pixel lighting.

Here’s a guide for creating morphs for VaM. With Daz3D, Blender and some trial and error you can be surprised how easy in fact is creating them.

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Ever considered releasing your morphs for download. I’d definitely pay for quality fat morphs.


Have you considered posting your morphs