Virtual Feeder by kronoentra

I found this game a while back, it’s supposed to be from 2001 which makes it one of the first weight gain games.
The appeal is feeding a series of old photoshops with food.

It’s okay, it also has sound and you can create mods.

You can find the game here:



That reminds me, there’s this addition to this game for any furry out there

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Thanks, I was looking for this link to put it

I haven’t played this game in so long, I’m actually surprised I found it

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I was quite surprised that no one posted this game here with any links. Maybe I’ll mod it some day.

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The [dot]fed files can be edited with notepad++, and it seems that the hardest thing about it is the art

Here’s what I can figure out
Thing 2
Thing 3

Edit: Found a funny message on the Helena file


Yes, although I’m not sure if it’s good to modify something beyond the code, although it is supposed to be freeware

In my opinion, if any game is deserving of a proper remake it’s this one.


The YT video description in the original post contains lot of trash links that dont lead to any mod but trash ads and stolen art. Not a good idea to post it on this forum.

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Can you find a macos version

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You’re the first to mention that commant I left in there!


You made that mod? Fun

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Nope. To quote the dev:

Q: When you will do a Mac Os version?

A: Probably NEVER. I don't like the Mac, so I will try to never
get one, I don't have one and I don't have any personal friend
that use or have one. I like the PCs and I don't want to ever
touch a Mac.
This don't mean that I hate the Mac users, I only don't like
the machine. Of course, if you want to do a Mac Os version,
please let me know and I will be happy to collaborate with you.
A possible solution for the Mac Os users is: download ONLY the
feedees, and enjoy seeing the image files (.JPG, .GIF, etc).-

Yep, and got permission from him to host it when the original site went down.

Plumping Helena

There’s a link there to the original MediaFire page which is still live: that version contains the instructions for creating new feedees and a description of ChronoScript. Also how to install and play. It’s meant to be modded.

You were close:
// The name of the feedee
#NAME, Amy
// Minimum weight of the feedee in Kg.
#MINIW, 50
// Initial weight in Kg.
#INITW, 61
// Goal weight in Kg.
#GOALW, 121
// Sex of the feedee (MALE or FEMALE)
// How much pieces of food can eat before get stuffed
// Metabolism multiplier for the food’s calories
// Approximate lose of weight in grams of weight for unit of time
#LOSE, 1232

On food:

Now, we must define what kind of food will be available for the feedee.
I give you here a very small list to simplify the example, but you can use up to 100 different foods.
Notice some things of the food:

The 1st word is the name of the food. The 1st number to the right of the word is how fattening is it in grames, the 2nd number is the amount of health that add/loses, and the last number is a number of the icon that is buit-in on the game or it can be also a name of a ICO file (refer to documentation of VF for more info).
Read the documentation for more about this and the reference of the numbers of the icons…
Notice that the amount of health is always negative (i.e -1), because if this is possitive (i.e 1), the health will add this number instead of losing it, this is for simulate healthy food, (see the Diet Yogurt params for example, if the feedee eats, it loses 2500 grames of weight and add 2 points of health, because the 2500 is -2500 and the health is 2 instead of -2)
In resume, the two parameters, weight and health are added to the feedee parameters, so use positive numbers for weight and negative numbers to health. }:^P

Brownie, 550, -1.1, 26
Apple Pie, 2000, -1.2, 6
Chocolate bar, 500, -1.5, 11
Red Apple, 400, -1.4, 1
Pizza,1000, -3.8, 27
Double ice cream, 1040, -4, 30
Pumpkin, 600, -3, 31
Diet Yogurt, -2500, 2, 40

It was the dev’s intention that other Feedees were added: there are instructions in the original distribution.

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Good, then I can make a mod changing the images and a little script to add history

I discovered that I can’t generate .fed files, so I decided to make a copy of Helena and modify it based on this. I also discovered that it only accepts jpg images and not png.

i don’t know for certain if this works. but when you check file name extensions in the view portion of a file document. not only do you see what type of file it is, but are able to edit it. i tried this with an orginally .txt file and managed to convert it into a .json file this way. be wary that this method might break the file if you’re not careful. another way to do this is using save as then naming the text document whatever and then ending it with .fed. this should autoconvert the .txt to a .fed (hopefully since i haven’t tried this myself.)