Visual Novel/Dating Sim with a twist...

So, I was playing some of the Visual Novel games conceived by members of this site & I had the random idea of how to make a VN/DS a little more interesting: What if, not only was the goal to find a girl, fatten her up & make her yours, but also to help OTHERS do the same? A dating sim where you have to also help a friend (or 2) find love with one of the other possible bachelorettes. It could make for an interesting challenge, managing potential soulmates while helping friends find theirs & hoping they don’t accidently intertwine.

I had an idea for the story being that you & 2 friends open up a donut shop/café with the purpose of finding (& fattening) some soulmates. There could be 5 or more girls to potentially woo & each of the 2 guys could have their crushes randomly chosen with you having the ability to influence their decision. Problems could also arise if you are trying to woo a girl that one of your friends is interested in or a girl outright rejects a friend’s advances which could make for some interesting problem solving mechanics.

IDK, I’m not a writer & I have no idea how difficult it would be to program all this stuff, but I thought it could be a pretty good idea so I figured I should throw it out there & see if anything comes of it or not.


Interesting… I don’t think this has been done before(for ANY VN, let alone one about fattening).

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