Visual Novel WIP - looking for artstyle feedback

Hello Weight Gaming!

While the basic idea of my game is now set in stone, I am now looking for feedback on the visual-part of my visual novel!


why not write some of your current ideas down and post them here? make a neat lil list out of it.
What kinda setting are you thinking in? fantasy? realistic?


I have now settled on an idea and the title of the game: Pushing Limits!

In the game you will help your skinny girlfriend overcome her eating disorder and explore the immense capacity of her seemingly cavernous stomach. The game will feature themes like weight gain, stuffing, bloating, force feeding but also some more explicit content. I have already finished writing and coding the first act, with more than 6000 words.

I am looking forward to sharing more!


Love the concept! Can’t wait for some kind of release to play with!

Question: Why does the heroine want to go for stuffing / overeating instead of normal, moderate eating? In other words, has she got over her eating disorder, or replaced one with another?


I’ll be sure to notify you, once the first chapter, or first demo is released!

I won’t spoiler to much, but it is because of a strong appetite stimulant prescribed by her doctor, which causes her to initially overeat. It depends on your definition of eating disorder, however her desire to overeat is anchored in her backstory.

While not an expert on the matter, I try to handle the more serious themes in a respectful matter. This means she won’t suddenly be healed, or doesn’t have any doubts. She also won’t be as gullible as protagonists in other games, you have to really work with her, she won’t be a simple puppet.


I think it’d be interesting to at least have to think about what you do and say.
I’ll at least be watching what you end up with

While the original story of the game has gotten scrapped, I still have something new to show: A first image from a stuffing sequence.

I am still unsure about my current artstyle, so any critique and/or feedback is more than welcome! I usually only do pixelart, however I don’t think it is quite fitting in this case.

There still isn’t a final release date for the first version, however it is getting closer.


I am not an expert so i can speak of my personal preference and “taste”. It is hard to determine the style from one image, but i would describe it as an in between of realistic portrait and cartoonish elements.
I really like the outlines, not too much, not too precise but it just adds to the overall “sketchy” effect. The lines that tell you that this tummy is full also a good touch. I really like sequences, especially when they start from this weight, maybe that is why i like this so much. The pose is perfect!
If i really had to point out something i would pick the back fatrolls, they are too “sharp”. I would make them rounder, just enough to fit your other outlines.
Aaand thats it, if it means anything!
I would see your other arts for sure.
I also got a similar story in my mind since you mentioned that your original is got banned. Let me know if you are interested. :grin:

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If you like sequences, you are gonna be pleasantly surprised!
I’d be very interested in your idea, if you wouldn’t mind telling me, maybe it’ll lead somewhere!

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I sent a message, did you recieve it? :melting_face: