Visual Novel with a "Variety" Idea

After playing tons of weight gain based Visual Novels, I thought it might be fun to put some effort into making one!

Something that I thought might be interesting would be a visual novel that has different forms of expansion, each corresponding with a girl within the novel, similar to the different forms of growth in the visual novel Growth Academy (Which you should go and play if you haven’t!) ((Not sure who to add as credit, pretty sure it’s made by a group of people)) Essentially, the idea I have is for there to be multiple forms of expansion (e.g. Food Stuffing, Liquid Inflation, etc.) and each girl has an assigned form of expansion, but after completing their storyline their form of expansion becomes available for all other girls. Felt that it might be a good idea to assign them to make a more coherent story based on each girl’s primary form of expansion, and then over time add a story relating to other forms that might be included. Also means if there’s a form of expansion you’d like to see on another girl than their assigned one, you have to complete the storyline for that form.

At the moment, I have 11 Ideas for girls and their associated expansion type (These are iffy at the moment and are not definitive, depending on the interest they receive, they may or may not be included. Some are also ones I’m unsure of how much interest I have in them, but prefer they be included for those who have the interest!) The current Ideas I have are: Food Stuffing, Liquid Inflation, Vore, Helium/Air Inflation, Blueberry, Object Vore, Magic, Endosoma, Cumflation, Slime, and Assimilation/Absorption (basically Slime vore, unsure how else to describe). Some of these might include making slight stretches for the stories, but I feel differing stories would be achievable.

Each of these would come with a Girl who corresponds somewhat with their associated type of expansion, the current Ideas I have regarding the girls include: A human girl (Food Stuffing), A plant girl (Liquid Inflation), A fish girl (Vore), A robot girl (Helium/Air Inflation), A candy girl (Blueberry) An alien girl (Object Vore), A genie/ witch girl (Magic), A plush girl (Endosoma), A succubus girl (Cumflation), A goblin girl (Slime), and A slime girl (Assimilation/Absorption). I felt like it would be interesting to include girls that weren’t all specifically human, and later down the line possibly give the girls alternative costumes/ a mode that makes the girls furries.

This is also a project that I am currently the only person working on, so obviously all of the content would take a while to be included, and would probably be a year before even making half of everything included. I intend to slowly release updates overtime, but I want the biggest influence to be you all! Is there anything you want to see? Is there anything you rather not see? Is there a form of expansion I missed you might want to see?

That’s basically all I have on the idea at the moment. Thank you for reading! (Hopefully it wasn’t a wall of text)

(QUICK UPDATE) After spending some time learning how to work in Renpy, I can say “development” (in the loosest term possible) has begun! Although I’m still learning how to use it, meaning it’ll probably take a while for any substantial, I’ll try to leave updates whenever possible!

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good luck mate, i do like this concept and i think many others are willing to get behind it


Great interest

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Mayhaps expqnsions that focus on a specific bodypart, theres also food tfs, transformation into objects like toys and such or different fruit transformations?
Mayhaps a cat in there for normal weight gain or maybe a wolf for the vore one? This hound admits to not having many ideas at the moment
Maybe the robot gal could be purchased or repaired? Mayhaps a world like that monster girl encyclopedia in a way?
Bunch a ifs really

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Body part Specific Expansions were something I was considering, mainly breast expansion, possibly with a cow girl (Maybe literally idk) but thank you for giving some ideas you had! I appreciate it!