Voracious! question

Hey, unfortunately since Voracious! is an archived topic I can’t ask this there, but:
When you gain a fat portion, how much weight (in pounds) is gained? Or if the amount gained is determined using a formula, what is the formula?

Oh shoot! I just thought of something else; Roguelike + Rebirth fee should be against the rules.

Hey there. Just noticed this, and I can answer that one. (I also wouldn’t mind if Voracious gets moved back to curated now it’s moving at a decent pace again).
The amount of weight gained from a fat portion is dependant on the portion size of the stomach that digested the food. So if you’ve got 3lbs portions, each portion digested in that stomach gives 3lb fat if it wasn’t cancelled by fatigue.
As for the latter comment, I’ve been considering removing rebirth fee anyway, so it won’t be an issue.

Thank you for answering these questions I had!
Anyways I believe that’s the only things I needed to ask about. :slight_smile: