Vore Adventure - v0.1

It’s back, I guess. (Though I think I want to change the name; maybe “All-You-Can-Eat Adventure”?).

A platformer where you play as a hungry dragon with the power of vore!

There’s been lots of changes since the gain jam version of the game.

Version 0.1:

  • You can now save your progress at dragon statues! Items you’ve picked up and certain doors being opened will be saved, but blocks and enemies will be reset when you load.
  • Added a very basic main menu.
  • Added a retry button to the pause menu that will load your last save.
  • Added a main menu button the the pause menu.
  • Added a sound to the menus.
  • Added platforms that you can drop through to a few areas. Their graphic is a placeholder.
  • Holding the button to spit out an object will now make an arrow appear exactly where the object will be spat out when releasing the button. Stacking blocks has never been so effortless!
  • Reduced the time movement is disabled after performing various actions.
  • Reduced momentum loss when movement is disabled by performing an action.
  • Fixed a few issues with the player’s animations.
  • Increased the rate which you can spit fireballs.
  • Increased the player’s speed slightly.
  • Increased the speed of objects when sucking them up.
  • Increased the force of objects expelled from the player’s stomach.
  • Fixed an exploit that let you consume more objects than your stomach could actually hold.
  • ACTUAL fix for objects clipping through walls.
  • Removed belly hitbox since it made stacking blocks too difficult.
  • Fixed flickering behavior with switches and doors.
  • Made it possible to walk on top of switches without needing to jump.
  • Pickups can no longer be sucked up.
  • Added a failsafe to get out of a softlock in the colored block puzzle.
  • Increased the damage dealt to the boss when reflecting its attack.
  • Changed the speed that the camera adjusts when entering fixed camera areas.
  • Changed some behaviors to be based on time instead of framerate (like how fast tutorial popups disappear).
  • Increased the speed of tutorial popups appearing/disappearing.
  • Removed all dialogue while the dialogue system is being reworked.
  • Redid the music; it now sounds 5% less awful.
  • …and anything else I forgot.

Known Issues:

  • A bug can occur where the same object can be consumed more than once, occupying two stomach slots.
  • A bug can occur when consuming an object that immediately ceases to exist (the boss’s attack).
  • Switches can get permanently stuck in place if an object triggering them ceases to exist (fireballs).

I’m planning the next update to be mostly UI focused, including new features such as a hint button for puzzles and a map.


I’ll see to judging this fix as best as I can. If I find any problems, I’ll lodge an immediate complaint. Though, I do very much appreciate the dedication to your project that you are showing. It’s not that often I see people pick up what they’ve put down.

sorry for sound bit rude but it possible we can play as female in the future?