vore mod for lilth's throne

(criticisms and rudeness will not be tolerated and will be reported) could someone skilled in modding and coding make a vore mod for LillithsThrone? (get permission from innoxia first) (tags) same size vore cock vore soft vore and unbirthing

should include a new perk tree called Vorarephilia. perks that ether increases your skill as a predator or willing to be eaten as prey. new four tier traits for both breaches which will drastically increase your skill for ether branches (pred goes form predator to master predator to ultimate predator and ending with GOD predator) same with the prey branch. three new fetishes vore lover (you really like vore) being predator (you prefer being a pred) being prey the opposite of being predator) new RPG mechanics both PC/MC and NPC can be pred or prey except all non predatory animals and non customized sex slaves.after defeating or get defeated by an NPC a new option will pop up ether eat him/her(this person will permanently removed form the game also you regain lost health) or get eaten by him/her (if bad ending is on well ye ded son or if bad ending is off you lose five levels and non sealed clothing and you respawn in your room) new status condition (digesting prey or being digested) the icon is a reversed and reskinned version of the pregnancy status condition (the differences being in reverse and instead of three hot pink heats it will be three lime green bubbles) duration will be the same as pregnancy. fully digesting prey will effect your body by increasing the size of your body breasts (if female) penis (for both male and female) and ass but decreases your muscle definition.(other uses) if you don’t want to free or sell your sex slaves. you can eat them. two quests will be updated the side quest angry harpies you can eat the three bosses (requires the master predator trait and the being predator fetish also the enforcer will let this slide ) and the romance quest supplier issues you can threaten the two bounty hunters that you’ll eat if them they don’t leave (requires turned into a demon the ultimate predator trait and being predator fetish).

what is the game you call … lilth’s throne?

Ah, yes, I see. I wish more first posts had a message like this, announcing that the poster is hard to bully.
Oh, and you’re asking for someone else to make a whole-ass mod for you, just because.
So, respect the dignity and rights of the rude beggar, got it.
Here, don’t reply or anything for 10 minutes after I post, I gotta go to the corner store for some popcorn. disrespecting me by posting too soon WILL be reported.


but what if i live on the EDGE

Then you will wear your ban like a badge of honor, King.

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this feels like the post on fatty text adventure where someone told the creator to put it on console like the 3ds the person then got their comment deleted.


Welcome to the board, Ben!

While you probably won’t have much luck in making such a request, that you have a clear idea as to what you want it sounds like you’re practically there in being able to realise your mod yourself.

I can’t imagine a kink-friendly game such as LT not having vore, developer tastes aside, so it may be worth asking around here or on the LT discord for tips on writing such a mod in java.

Best of luck with your venture!


Your post reminded me of when some guy made multiple threads and posts for the Starbound mod asking for someone to make… what did they call it? An “Inhale Mod”? And when asked what that was even meant to be they would never respond or explain.

it’s a text based RPG look it up

i have no knowledge of coding or modding

here’s a link to it’s wiki Welcome to the Lilith's Throne Wiki - Lilith's Throne

I believe Alex is suggesting you hit up the Discord and acquire that knowledge to make the mod yourself, as I can guarantee the mod will never exist unless you chip in. Nobody ever makes anything for free around here unless it’s their own idea.

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does the creator have a Q/A?

Don’t bother asking the creator nor asking on the discord.
No one will help you with that since vore is a major nono to them.

No, it’s not. There is already a vore encounter in the vanilla game - granted more horror themed but still, it’s there and being worked on.