Vr games?

Hiya, its been a while since I have posted on this site. Though that doesn’t matter. What I’ve noticed over the years is that there is tons of games for pc/java and I’ve recently gotten into Vr games, I have tried looking for some weight gain type games for vr, (my preference being female wg) though there really isn’t any games like that which I think is an area where we all are missing out on. Especially since a lot of Vr games cost money, those who make games could really get an income boost from a vr game. Though I don’t have that money myself (I’m lucky to have a vr as I got it as a gift from someone) so perhaps someone could make a couple mods for the games that are already out there for free (just my preference of course if you do the work and you want to be paid for it I’m not gonna be mad XD) I don’t usually post so sorry if this is in the wrong category or not formatted right.


Really not much else to say in this thread, but there are of course sex mods for skyrimVR and such.

try momulator by captain elderly
it was updated btw
has vr

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There isn’t much else to say in this discussion other than the fact that there are sex modifications for Skyrim VR and other things like text twist solver.