VR HuCow Simulator by Bury_She

Hey people.
I just wanted to hop in here to share something I found while looking around for some VR stuff.

It is called HuCow Simulator, and you play inside a VR porn platform called Virt-a-mate(VaM). I don’t know if the game was specifically made with WG/Stuffing in mind, but I have been having a lot of fun with it.

(I particularly like how round your girl gets. You can get her pretty big, but she never gets too flabby for my tastes. If you like flabby, you can find some content for VaM like that by user OWREHL)

To play the game, you will need a few things.

  1. First, you need a copy of Vir-a-mate, which is free, and can be found in the MeshedVR Patreon or wiki, where you can also find some pretty easy tutorials on how to install everything. It is technically paid, and the free version only comes with a few demos, but paying for it in the patreon only gets you access to their asset browser and access to creator mode, which you don’t need to play this particular game, so you are cool with the free version afaik.

  2. The second thing you will want to do is to go to Bury_She’s patreon and download either the demo 2 (which is free) or the latest demo if you are willing to pay to become a patron(which is worth the 3 bucks).

  3. Finally, just download the zip file from the patreon post, unzip it and put the contents (a bunch of .var files) into the AddonPackages folder within your VaM installation directory.

And there you go, you are set to go with some VR shenaningans.

I will also leave links to Bury_She’s deviant art here.
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Do I need to have a VR headset to be able to play this?

You do need a headset to play this atm, however bury has been trying to make the game playable on desktop. Not sure if it will be ready in the next update but it is in development.

Unless there’s been some major changes recently, the game worked just fine on desktop with just a mouse. The camera needs some vigorous manual manipulations at times, especially milking, but not VR restricted at all. All you need is to have VAM activated with a valid key and the project installed by the instructions provided.

Then how is the game “played”? I was left-clicking on the Work/Feed/etc buttons, and it seemed to have no effect. Her body could be interacted with, so I habeeb you, but I was still stumped on everything else.

i think im losing my mind, i got the latest update, i drag it into the addon packages folder and when i look at scenes i aint seeing it. ive tried both placing just the folder and extracting everything in the folder, am i supposed to click something else as well ?

I’m sorry. In my little tutorial I said you just needed to extract stuff into the Addon folder, but that is not exactly true. Inside of the zip Bury_she made for the latest update there is a folder, and you have to put the files inside that folder into the AddonPackages folder. If you just put the zip and extract everything as is, the game does not know to search sub-folders inside AddonPackages.

The first post has now been edited.

So, followed the instructions and I am unable to play it…

Same, even went ahead and got the newest version to see if the updates to VaM may have made it incompatible. Still doesn’t show the scene.

You’ll need to enable plugins, and then load them.

I have plugins enabled in the settings menu, but I’m not sure how to load them. Unless all you have to do is have that box checked.

I think you need to get the premium from the virtamate patreon, you’ll get a code to unlock everything

Hey guys, I spent some time with this (although I got OWREHL’s stuff rather than Bury_She’s HuCow stuff) and you do in fact need at least the Teaser key for VAM, otherwise you can’t play any addon scenes. Luckily the teaser subscription is only 2 bucks so not very steep.

VAM in general’s just a big pain in the dick because most scene creators require 500 plugins from a ton of random sources and they don’t think to limit it down.
VAM itself has that built-in plugin browser, but it’s got so many limitations that it’s a coinflip to decide if a given plugin will even be in there or not.
I still remember chatting back and forth with a VAM expansion creator a year or two ago trying to help them trim back on all the excess so people could actually play their scenes, and I eventually gave up on helping.
No idea if the HuCow VAM scene is like this, I haven’t had VAM installed at all in quite a while, I should probably pick it up again to give it a try.

All you have to do is, after opening the scene and it loads in, open the little menu thing, go to the packages menu, and click “Search for missing packages”. Then you can click download all and just wait like 5 minutes. It’ll install any packages you’re missing for the scene, and then all you have to do is reload it. I’m not sure if you need the entertainer key to access the packages menu or if you can do it with the teaser key.

On patreon Bury attached all dependencies with the main game files in a folder, all clothing, objects, and environment should be there. I get that concern though, sometimes some scenes take up multiple GBs and take an eternity to load. With some dependencies not even located on their site either. Can’t find any good expansion VR content anywhere else though, as niche as it is even on VaM.

Good to hear. Loads of VaM devs just slap all these plugins in there from 999 different sources, so if B_S is doing it right, mad props.