VRCHAT avatars

anyone got vrchat avatars that have fat sliders or are just chubby in general? feel free to dump some here, doesnt matter if its furry human etc i just want some fat avatars lmao


This one got lots. Alternatively, Prismic’s Avatar Search collects almost every single online avatar into a searchable database you can easily pull from with certain tags: VRChat - Home

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this is an excellent idea for a thread. Lemme ask a friend of mine who plays VRC for reccomendations

Oooh ya should check out soundbytes, some go quiiite big and they have plenty slider customization >:3c

Do they have a twitter or something you can link? or a link to a world? Ect ect. An example image or two would b nice too

Good world, all though im looking for avatars where you can adjust the weight lol

Some avatars in that world have a mode where you can make them bigger, although its just the two default sizes with some having a slow gain to just quickly ballooning out.

I’d imagine a more incremental “gesture” would be a bit harder to program with VRChat’s limitations, so it’d be harder to find.

i had one but i have no idea where it went, it was really good but sadly i lost it

If you don’t mind uploading them yourself, check out the VRModels website. They have a ton of models but they need to be uploaded manually so you’ll need Unity and the Creator Companion.