Want FREE Custom Music and Sounds for Your Project? I'm Your Guy!

Hey all, I’ve been lurking around on this forum for at least a year or two now, and thought I’d try to help and pitch in! I dig the skill and passion that a lot of people around here have, so I really wanna add on to that by helping out however I can.

I’ve been studying music performance and production for a very long time, and can work with almost any genre (Chiptune, Rock, Jazz, Electro, Dubstep, Lofi, etc.). I have FL Studio, and a professional sound system for recording instruments like guitar or vocals. I’ll drop a folder below with samples of stuff I’ve worked on in the past. Even if you don’t have any interest in custom music, I’d love some feedback!

Music and Sound Effects

Excited to work with anyone and everyone! I know these kinds of games don’t need music, but I really think sound can amplify and help out in this field of gaming. Feel free to hit me up on discord if you’re interested or just want to talk! Discord Tag: PansAndJams#8556


Welcome to the forum!

Couldn’t agree more about your sentiments regarding music. The right piece of music that pairs well with the imagery presented is what can elevate a good moment in a game into an unforgettable experience - which given the sensational nature of these types of games is all the more crucial to deliver that right vibe upon.

Given the quality of your samples (‘8bit-esq’ was especially good!) I think you may find a few devs sliding into your DMs soon enough! I’ll be hoping to hear more from you soon! (geddit? cos it’s … y’know. hearing - ah forget it.)


Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words, I really appreciate it! I couldn’t have put it better myself regarding your statement about music. I can’t wait to further interact with the community and start off on a good note! (bu dum tss)

Welcome welcome! It’s quite generous and cool of you to offer your talents to the community, thank you for joining!

Very, very nice! I find the quality of these to be spectacular, and just like @AlexKay said I completely agree with music elevating video games, but I expand it to any visual experience including animations, web-comics, and the like. I also totally agree with the fact that no doubt many will find your services useful enough to reach out.

I’m quite new here as well myself, but if you don’t get that many bites I’d suggest maybe in a couple of days/weeks also posting to #project-help given that’s where people look for this sort of thing, and this post might get drowned out after a while.

To really drive home the quality of these, I’ve been tempted to make a post in #project-help much like this one for my particular skills (not just with music but with other things as well), and while I still may do it the breadth of quality I see in pieces much like the ones you’ve posted here frankly intimidate me.

I wish you luck in your endeavors, and I personally will file this back in my head for if I need such a thing.


Thank YOU for being so kind!

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Thank you for the suggestion, despite my time here I didn’t know there was a #project-help section! I’ll be sure to make a post there in a week or two if I don’t get many takers, and just generally keep my eye out to see if anyone needs any help with sound.

Also thank you so much for all the nice words! I’m really glad you enjoyed the clips; I was a little apprehensive to post them at first but with the positive feedback I’m glad I did. Thank you for being so welcoming, it’s a huge confidence booster!

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From what I understand most of the time it’s people asking for help, but there are multiple instances of those offering their help as well. I have no doubts that if you don’t get that many takers here, you will find some there eventually due to it not being as active as some other categories.

It’s exactly why I felt compelled to post here immediately as I saw it, because I think artists need to hear their art is beautiful. No ifs ands or buts about it. (Though butts are quite nice, so maybe there can be a butt about it, but not a but.)

Jokes aside, artists like you need to hear every once and while what they’re doing is worthwhile, because it has value beyond money, or what words can describe.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and I hope I get to hear your music somewhere, or work with you eventually. Whichever happens first I look forward to it.

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Hehe, butts are funny.

Thank you! I’ve already said this but hearing (or I guess reading) those words really do help build confidence. I’ve already received a few requests, so I’m excited to see where this goes. I’d also love to work with you in the future as well, my dms are always open if you need some music! Thank you as always.

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Welcome, my dude. :slight_smile:

If I could figure out how to get music into Twine efficiently I’d be DMing you hahah.

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hello there

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Thanks for the welcome! I just found a tutorial on how to do so, in case you ever want music in your project. How to Add Music to Twine (klcameron.com)

I don’t know much on how to program with twine, so this might be out of date, but I hope it helps!

I will take a look. Also dont tempt me. XD i will 100% recruit you if you want to be a part of a project. :slight_smile:

I’d love to help if you ever need some, just let me know!

Welcome to the forums! I appreciate people who know their way around composition, especially as a musician myself. Hope you can find some good opportunities here!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!!