Wardrobe Malfunctions (List For Writers)

Shirt fits but contour of belly is visible through it (caused by the impression made by the stomach pressing against the shirt fabric)

Shirt fits but belly button shadow is visible on outside (caused by difference in depth of stomach surface and navel, making fabric “depress” down into the navel cavity)

Horizontal line is formed through shirt right where the waistband of the pants is (usually on girls who tuck lower belly into high-waisted pants to give illusion of flat stomach)

Shirt that is mostly loose but only tight in specific areas (like loose sleeves on arms but fabric clinging to stomach area)

Loose swim shirt gets wet and clings to body, causing outline of stomach to appear

Stretching lines across clothes (usually when distance increases between areas, such as between the breasts or the stomach from the rest of the torso)

Shirt that rises up stomach when yawning or stretching, but otherwise fully covers when arms are down

Shirt that frequently rolls up stomach and needs to constantly be pulled down and readjusted, only for it to roll back up again moments later

Outgrown shirt that doesn’t fully cover stomach due to the stomach itself (regardless of arm position)

Lopsided outgrown shirt that only rises up on one side. Pulling it down causes the other side to rise up like a seesaw

Lopsided outgrown shirt, but front and back direction (Shirt rolls up lower back/love handles, but reaching arms back to pull it down causes the bottom of the shirt to rise up the front of the body/stomach in a seesaw-like fashion) Tug-of-War

Button down shirt with gaps between buttons, but still fits

Button down shirt with missing/popped buttons

Button down shirt with missing/popped buttons in specific areas (chest, upper stomach, lower stomach)

Tight button down shirt that doesn’t pop, but instead makes the gap between button and hole smaller by ripping fabric on one side to make room

Seams on clothes burst at sides (usually from back/arm area or thighs/calves)

Clothing rips, with long, stringy lines of fabric/white threads desperately trying to seal back the hole/rip

Tight pants carve into waist, causing a red imprint on the skin

Pants burst button, revealing waistband of underwear

Zipper breaks or has a gap that can’t be closed

Belt buckle snaps or breaks off

Love handles/sides peep under shirt

Both love handles/sides and sagging waistband of underwear are exposed

Pantyline is visible though back of pants (contour of underwear over cheeks showing through fabric)

Asscrack exposed when bending down

Asscrack exposed even when not bending due to ass and pants size mismatch (not due to position or pose)

Asscrack and sagging underwear peeping over waistband of pants

Constantly picking wedgies out of crack

The adjusting pants dance that nearly every girl does in public when they fear they might feel a breeze in the back. Includes jumping up and down and wiggling/bending legs while grabbing each side of the waist of the pants and hoisting them up

Pants sliding up calves and lower thighs perfectly, but getting stuck on ass (skinnier legs and fatter ass)

Pants slide up all the way perfectly, but the wide gap between the button and hole makes it impossible to zip or button

Pants split straight up the ass vertically between the cheeks (usually from bending)

Pants split straight across the ass horizontally cheek to cheek

Naturally ripped jeans from thighs being crammed into tight pant legs

Shorts inadvertently turning into short shorts as thighs consume them (especially evident when sitting)

Cleavage showing no matter how loose the shirt is or how high up the neck is. It always manages to slide down overtime

Tight bra carves into skin, making red imprint on breasts

Hooks snap on bra

Bra holds together, but breasts still overflow