WarioWare DIY MicroGames?

Ever since I took a peek at the DoujinSoft Store’s WarioWare DIY MicroGames, I wondered “How cool would it be if people who owned a copy of WarioWare DIY either physically or on an emulator made MicroGames about expansion?”. So, I thought I’d bring this up to Weight Gaming’s attention, considering how easy it would be for people who owned WWDIY to make five-second-long expansion-themed games.


Funnily enough, I DID make a few games on it! I also drew a few comics as well. It’s still one of my favorite games I have.

Suddenly gets an idea to put a copy of the Minigames and Comics into a bigger game

Thank you for bringing me down memory lane and reminding me I do kind of want to share these that I made. I’ll mark it on my agenda to do, hopefully while I have spare time (XP)


From Memory Lane to Tomorrow Hill haha get it-


Glad you think so, Kanto_Ruki.