WarpSec Paragon

Selena Darron, the newest pilot to join the ranks of the WarpSec fleet, has dedicated her life to the struggle against the Carnid menace. To fight back the endless legions of this eldritch force would be difficult enough on its own, but she must also reckon with the cold cruelty of her superiors, her fledgling feelings for the girl in the engineering crew, and the expansion of her own waistline as consequence.


That was the whole package.
Great story, nice art, good gameplay, the works.

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Smooth controls, cute art, solid writing, but the difficulty spike from the first fight to the second is absurd. Not really worth bashing my head against it to progress.

I echo all of Korota’s notes, except I didn’t really find the game difficult at all, just kind of tedious as I found myself just running away from all the badguys while shooting backwards, and that did seem to fit the theme of the ongoing story as the pilot gets increasingly haggard from overwork. It does seem as though the levels just give out a random number of enemies rather than steadily increase as you progress, the jump in number of guys you have to kills between level 1 and 2 was the most noticeable. And the story ends rather abruptly in my opinion and feels incomplete, although that’s very understandable due to the time crunch of development. Otherwise, this was a very well made game.

I feel like something should hint at what’s going to happen to the pilot and the engineer for stealing a fighter to save the rest of the crew after being discharged by the Air Commander. Like for example, before the last mission, the Air Commander insists on flying in her stead for the final battle but gets shot down and that’s why things get bad enough for the engineer to call the pilot for help. And then maybe afterwards, the brass wants to preserve the Air Commander’s reputation and downplay his incompetence, so the pilot gets offered an honorable discharge instead of a court martial if she agrees to make a favorable for the commander.

This was a pretty fun game, even though the ending was very abrupt. I didn’t notice any difficulty spike, I guess if you’re using a trackpad then it’d be tough, but for the most part it felt like a natural progression of levels getting longer and new enemies being introduced. Having to balance firing at enemies with the potential overheating of your cannons was a nice addition too.

The weight gain in the story did feel a little odd though, there was never any indication that either Selena or Pauline were particularly interested in fattening Selena up, nor was there any huge mention of it happening besides not fitting in the cockpit. Ironically, Kurtzheim was the biggest observer of Selena’s gain. I also didn’t see any mention of Selena actually confessing to Pauline, just Pauline revealing her feelings then bang, they’re together.

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Comfortably one of the more satisfying gameplay experiences of the Jam! I thoroughly enjoyed the shooting and enjoyed the balance of each level. The story was fine enough, though the weight gain honestly felt like more of a distraction or an afterthought. I was more interested about the ship (which had some lovely flavoursome characterization) and how both pilot and ship would need to push themselves for the final carnid assault.

A great experience!