Water-Logged body debug command?

If there is a command for that, I am happy.

In the debug command area, enter `bodyH2O [amount]
Make sure you do NOT forget the ` or it will not work.

Nice. Thanks!

Ha, beat me to it.

I’ll add an official command later, but for now it’s just one of those “use ` to modify a given variable” commands

Hate to change the topic here but, I have an idea–
When you mutate, if you soak yourself in some fluid or drink fluid, you gain water-weight.

Well, that’s kind of how it already works lol. technically.

Water weight is gained anytime you consume a fluid or a solid with fluid in it. The body will usually lose that water weight quickly though and so you may not notice.
Increasing sodium levels, blocking up the lymphatic system or using anything that disables the bodies ability to filter out the water causes it to stick around longer and makes one gain water weight. Much like in the real world.

It’s also built in that one can absorb fluid weight from soaking in water, but because you start off as an unmodified human its not noticeable. Our skin was a hydrophobic layer in it which helps prevent us absorbing too much water or toxins in water through our skin, so soaking in water only sticks in the first few layers of skin for a short time.

I could throw in a mutation later to give one sponge-form skin and allow you to rapidly absorb water though if that’s what your asking for. Mechanically, its all there.

I do see the system working, but yeah, you can add that mutation.

I’d call my character… SPONGE-MAN

so it’s basicly an spongebob mutation :stuck_out_tongue: