We all love monster girls!

And this game has lots of 'em!

I’ve already planned a few events that have Oni girls and Catgirls in them, and I’m keeping Sheep girls, Pig girls, Chicken girls and Slime girls in mind for the future.

The question is, what kind of Monster girls would you like to see in the game? How would they fit in?

I’m really big on driders/arachne, so I think they would be a fun addition

I agree with the previous comment. Predatory monster girls in general would be a nice addition (I am partial to lamias myself). As for how they would fit in, perhaps you have to capture them as they attack your farm.

Hmm monster girls, maybe dragonesses, I mean it would fit perfectly since dragons are known to swoop down and grab cattle

Re: How they might fit in -
[]Driders/arachne are based on spiders. So maybe they could be milked for venom, or you could harvest silk. Otherwise, maybe there’s some kind of harmful bug or pest that they could take care of?
]Lamia are based on snakes. Snakes can also be milked for venom, they lay eggs, and I think there’s ways of processing shed skins into durable textiles. And maybe as predators, there’s some small, destructive animal they could take care of (rats, being the stereotypical example)
[*]Dragons also have eggs, and might drop scales. Great against larger threats. And as they’re based on an inherently magical creature, maybe they have something magical they do or that you can harvest? Flame-gland extract, maybe?

well my favs are pig girls and cow girls are a close 2nd. other then that demon girls would be awesome

[]Cow girls are obviously central to this concept, and will (equally obviously) be getting milked, which can be used in all manner of dairy products. Other than that, I can’t think of much one can do with cows? You might be able to get some little bit of hair, but cows aren’t really known for it. Though some breeds can get fluffier than others, I guess?
]Sheep can be sheared for wool. Again, I can’t think of much else you can do with them. Technically can they be milked, but I don’t think they’re known for it. Although I guess goat milk & goat cheese is a thing, so maybe. Yaks, goats, maybe llama or alpaca, are all breed for their fur, also can be milked, in various amounts.
[*]I can’t think of much interesting to do with pigs or horses. Okay, technically, since they’re mammals, you might be able to get milk and/or some kind of fur or hair product, but I don’t think you’re going to get much of either from either of them.
Since we’re presumably not killing and butchering the girls for meat, there’s not a whole lot of other uses I can think of for these, in terms of harvestable farm products. Unless you can use them for farm work/labor in some capacity? I could see horses or oxes for that, maybe.

I’m mostly into dragons and slimes, possibly demons.

Since dragons are pretty greedy in general (both in terms of food or gold), I feel like you’d have to reward them pretty favorably (or them) for whatever they might supply you with. Obviously it’d have to be worth it, so I imagine that they would give you some valueable items in turn - dragon eggs, scales, flame-something-liquid, magic powers, defense against outside attackers, knowledge about the location of certain items (missions?), etc.

Slimes would give you… well, more slime? You easily could give the slime output a bit of purpose (other than as food) tho. Could be used as fertilizer, stomach rub or as oil for machines.

Demons idk about, they’re just sexy lol.

If possible maybe an option to choose which monsters can spawn I.e only keeping driders off, or only keeping dragons on or driders and Naga’s on while keeping the rest off, that way if someone isn’t a fan of specific monsters they can turn it off, and everyone is happy (on an rpg maker standpoint it should be possible to make it as a common event, with variables being the individual monster)

It might be slightly obvious at this point, but I am all for the dragon girls entering this picture. Slime girls are pretty cool too.

So many requests! I’ll keep all of these in mind. I especially like the ability to switch certain ones on or off, that will certainly make people more comfortable playing the game!

And another thing, so I don’t let anyone down in case this wasn’t obvious… When I talk about monster girls I’m not talking about furries/anthro/whatever you wanna call them. This game won’t have any of those, since they’re not really my thing. To have a good idea of what kind of what kind of girls will be in the game, google “Monster Musume no iru nichijou” (and watch it or read it if you haven’t already!)

Perhaps dog-girls? To suggest a mechanic from a couple of Harvest Moon games, you could have a dog-girl that patrols the farm to keep away wild animals/monsters and help your other monstergirls feel safer. Depending on what you’re doing with other overworld things, she could also sniff out treasure or harvestable items ala Dogmeat or the Fable 3 dog.

Well most of these suggestions seem like they could be made in a style similar to “Monster Musume no iru nichijou.” For example, you made it clear that you wouldn’t want to do an anthro dragoness, however many seem to want dragons so here is an example of a dragoness more along the style you were going for: Comm: Karin Nasil, Colored by Cross-Crescent on DeviantArt

Yup, that’s exactly right! That’s what I’m going for!

Scorpion girls,Bird Girls

Harpies are awesome!
I’ve never heard of scorpion girls, but they seem pretty cool. If I ever add a desert area, I know what’s gonna be in there!

Various sea critters. Squiddus and such. Cause what’s a farming sim without a fishing minigame?

I guess varieties or variants of Cow Girls, like Minotaur Girls or based on breeds like Highland Cow Girls. Essentially rare Cowgirls.