We could really use some digestive aids for the third floor!

The third floor can be very frustrating if you have to just keep walking to burn off the jelly-you’ve undoubtedly been force-fed, so it’d be very handy to have an item that would instantly make some more room so I could keep going. Frankly, there are way, way too many blue jellies on floor 3. I can’t even make it to the boss when every third square has three jellies that take 5-8 turns to beat. It’s no fun if you can’t win except by walking back and forth for an hour just to burn off jelly! The content is excellent stuff, by the way!

Fatter characters’ stomach capacity decreases faster, you could try that.

Not a bad idea adding digestive aids. I can add potions that do that to the apothecary.

Until then, you don’t have to move back and forth since just refreshing the page wherever you’re at will still tick 15 minutes of time and trigger digestion.

Additionally, if you get your Willpower stat high enough, through stat point allocation, buffs and enchants, then you will be able to dodge the slimes’ feed skill. Agility gives you evasion to dodge damaging skills and attacks while willpower gives you resistance to debuffs.

My character is so fat that she can’t seem to stay full for more than two turns anyway so the slimes are actually appreciated. Would like some advice for the other enemies though as they just two hit me every time.

You could increase your vitality stat to get more hp and defense so they don’t two hit you.

Alternatively you could decrease your weight through weight loss potions or events and increase your strength to the point where you no longer have the “Burdened By Weight” status effect. Being severely overweight will affect your ability to attack first in battle. Once you’re able to attack first, you can hit the Sarracenia/Venus Fly Trap with Caster’s Ice Pike or Warrior’s Punish skill to avoid damage.

The method I use to get through floor 3 is to split my int/vit/willpower by a ratio of 40:30:30 and play the Caster class. Even when my character gets to incredible weights, I can still survive taking the first hit due to the vitality, then I just unload my spell arsenal since I have a decent amount of int to take anything down. The willpower is for the floor 3 boss, since he has 3 status effects that can really screw up your plans, and having some willpower gives you the chance to resist those status effects.

Thanks for the advice! I don’t want my character to lose weight so I think I’ll try the first option. :stuck_out_tongue:

My character is actually so fat even when being force fed by slimes her stomach still gets empty