weapons and stats

so i’ve been kind of wondering, IS there a system for calculating damage depending on both stats and weapons?

you know, strength for swords and blunts, dex for bows and crossbows, that sort of thing

For regular attacks, damage is determined by Strength for physical weapons and Intelligence for magical weapons. Everything is considered a physical weapon except for wands and staves.

For skills, other stats can play a role in damage calculation if the skill calls for that. But the current two classes have pretty straightforward damage formulae (Strength for Warriors and Intelligence for Casters). The only exception is Punish which takes your enemy’s damage stats into consideration more than your own.

Willpower affects final damage which is RNG damage added onto your initial damage calculation, for all types of attacks regardless of weapon type.

Here’s what the typical damage calculation looks like for a physical blow:

((((((PlayerStrength / 2) + PlayerWeaponDmg + PlayerFinalDamage) * PlayerSkillModifier) * PlayerCritModifier) - EnemyDefence) * EnemyBlockModifier);