Weeb's Wonka Game - CYOA Story I Found

I hope this is the appropriate place for this. I found a pretty fantastic Choose Your Own Adventure-style novel that features a lot of weight gain, a lot of expansion/inflation, and several flavors of TF stuff as well, so I thought I’d share the find with the forum.


So is there like the best ending in this?

The mature content…
i cant play sad for me…

Seems like a well made Twine game, nice

If you have or make an account you can view mature content on DA. That’s assuming you’re 18, which you need to be to hang out here anyways.

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If you manage to be the only one left at the end, that’s the ‘best’ ending, I suppose. There’s no big fanfare, though, the fun is in finding the ways to get yourself or the other tour members huge.

I find it funny I just played that whole game yesterday.

0 out of 10, would not let me punch an Oompa Loompa in the face.

Great fun otherwise, though.

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