Week of the Werefatty (post Gain Jam)

I… uh made a- wait I already did this schtick. Well, now that Gain Jam is over I can finally release the third area! Here is the game:


This could have been out yesterday had I not had a minor bout of adding just a few more things, while I could have released it earlier today had it not been one object giving me a headache. I believe I have taken care of the bugs that could pop up, but again I had the same confidence and get swamped by the sheer amount when they do. I will add the walkthroughs, as well as the new area walkthrough, later today but for now, I hope you enjoy!
Edit: Added the walkthrough of the first two areas, will update the third soon enough.


First area: Barn

1. Drop the Long Dagger near the barn.
2. Go around the sides and north of the barn and collect the nails (in the barrel), wood board, and hammer (bucket).
3. Go to the back and tip the ladder over.
4. Go to the front and brace the door.
5. Go to the side where the two windows are and use the wood board on the south window.
6. Enter through the north window, then close the north interior window.
7. Enter the center stall in the barn and look through the hay, take the flimsy boards.
8. Reenter the north stall, and click yes on the prompt. If you didn’t get the prompt then you’re either missing one of the three items (hammer, nails, flimsy boards) or you didn’t close the window. Reenter when the conditions have been met. (Warning you’ll get the same for the south interior window)
9. head upstairs and push the haybales, then head back down.
10. Interact with the hourglass until you transform. If you did everything right you should end up in the north section of the barn, if not you’ll end up in the front with the fields either partially eaten or completely eaten.


1. Go east and enter the shack, there you’ll find a note and a tiny balloon. Take the balloon.
2. Leave and head northeast into the equipment area, open the chest to reveal a pickaxe (take it) and a number helmet.
3. head back and go southeast into the dig site, use the pickaxe on the metal drum (reveals numbered helmet). Take the Wheelbarrow as well.
4. Leave and now head down, then use the pickaxe again on the Cracked wall (reveals numbered helmet). Take the pouch of gunpowder.
5. Head back up, use Load up on the Wheelbarrow in the Candy Rock Pit.
6. Head back to the Food Cave Entrance and enter the Food Cave Front. Deposit the rock candy (from the wheelbarrow) while also dropping the tiny balloon.
7. Enter the Food Cave Interior, look at the Rock Biscuits to reveal another numbered helmet.
8. Head back to the shack and after combining the numbers from each helmet (10449) to reveal the bottles of soda, take them.
9. Head back to the Food Cave Front and drop the soda, reenter to get a prompt, and click yes. This will lock a section of the area but don’t worry as there is nothing important there.
10. Interact with the hourglass to initiate the transformation. If you did block off the cave then you’ll gain weight otherwise, you’ll end up outside of the cave.

More fun facts

I still can’t believe I was a nominee for writing, that really lifts my spirits. Also, this chapter is brought to you in part by Spamtom G. Spamtom, still obsessed with Big Shot (help me).


So, I keep getting errors about scripts not being right whenever I save, as pictured here: image

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An excellent addition! I like how each night really varies the objective, from locking yourself up, to barring the single point, to the more sliding scale of the third night. Successfully solving all the puzzles on night three was very satisfying, I’m looking forwards to the next section.

Hmm let me check, this will take a short bit.

Edit: I will admit Quest has been funky with me today, with long loading times. Hopefully, this isn’t a common occurrence.

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Just to be sure, Parnash and IceDev, were you holding the Crates of Gummies or not. Not sure how that was tripping up yet, though I fixed a few other issues so far.

Edit: Okay good news, I have fixed the trolley issue, added a missing variable, removed unneeded text, and I believe I fixed the dialogue for the Werefatty should it not eat anything. I don’t know about the issue with the crate, still scratching how you got that screen (if it pertains to saving then I’m going to have to dig around since I don’t save playthroughs of text adventures, maybe someone else has experienced the same problem).
In the meantime, I’m updating the game. Hopefully, there is nothing wrong.

I was not, literally saved at the start of the game.

For saving, you’re talking about the thing in the right-hand corner and clicking it?

During the third night, after Werefatty eats from the “Crates of Gummies”, the game tries to remove “Crates of Packaged Gummies” that do not exist. Also after Werefatty eats from the “Gumdrop Storage”, the game removes “Drum of Soda” instead.

Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘Crates of Packaged Gummies’: Unknown object or variable ‘Crates of Packaged Gummies’

On it, I knew I must have missed something else in the blue hourglass code. Give me a sec.

Edit: Alright, fixed and updated.

I’m having trouble with night 3. I got the crates on the boat using the trolley and released all the fish from the farms but I don’t know what to do next. I can’t interact with the Gumdrops or the Gummy Worms in any way so I’m a little confused.

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There is another item to use for them

Check the Fishery Side for a Bucket.