Weight and See: a book about sumo wrestling crime fighter monsters

Hey guys. I decided that I wanted to advertise the book I am writing. It’s not a game, but I feel like it’s pretty relevant to the forum since it is about fat monsters. I can’t say I am the most confident in myself when it comes to describing a book, but I will see what I can do.

Ricky the Hedgepossum is a young Sumotoran, or a non-sumo wrestler who bulks themselves up to become as strong and durable as possible, hails from the heavily wooded country of Pobillus, made of many different cities built along and inside the trees. He has been a wanderer for a while comma but came to the Taurn/Osat area eventually: cities consistently struck by the thieves and followers of Jenny Sequa, a master thief with questions of whether she exists or not. Little does Ricky know that that would be the least of his problems, as he goes through the entire story learning how to overcome his faults, failing many times in the process. Will he finally succeed and realize his ultimate goal: to become a Sumotoran Superhero?

Alt concept

Maya is Ricky’s role model. She is the reason that Ricky became a Sumotoran, and the two fight crime together. She is an ex-sumo wrestling champion, but why did she quit the ring and become a crime fighter?

Dobbins the Bear and Toasty the Dragon Pig are two childhood buddies who fight crime with Ricky, Maya and their team leader: Master Tumba. Dobbins is an ex-bully and martial artist trying hard to make up for his mistakes in the past. Toasty has his own past demons to fight, especially concerning one of the books main antagonists.

Cover concept with Ricky the Hedgepossum, Dobbins the bear, Maya the Alippo, Toasty the Dragon Pig and his elephant trunk spell, Master Tumba and a prototype of a character in the book named Titus.

Ricky’s work buddies Casey and Buzz, plus Aziz: Ricky’s rival. Despite being friends, there are some secrets that Casey and Buzz have been keeping from Ricky. As well, Aziz becomes a strong driving force for Ricky throughout the story.

Virgil the Molypus is a key character to the story and possibly the franchise. There is a lot of mystery surrounding him, but he is one of the supervisors of the workplace Ricky works at. Childhood friend of Titus and Ricky’s boss.


Chapter 1 of the first draft.

…and Chapter 1 of the second draft.

Which do you prefer?

That’s what I got for information so far. I am currently working on the second draft of my book, but if anyone wants to read my first draft, let me know.


Hello, I remember you from Fur Affinity and I know you’re the person who created that Earthquake Warriors game. What is your favorite character in this new story so far?

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If I had to pick one, I’d say maybe Dobbins. He has been a pretty funny character to write, plus I’m actually coming up with a lot of depth to his character. I hope I can one day get this book published, but 1st I have to get over my procrastination. I work on it a little bit everyday, but I feel like I don’t work on it as much as I should.

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To be fair, I have been getting more serious with writing this book lately. I’m really anticipating beta reading, however, I have so many concerns with my book, and I have never gotten someone to read an entire draft of mine.