Weight Date - A RPG maker dating sim

Hello Weight gaming

I have started developing a dating sim in the rpg maker VX ace engine just as something to do and when discovering this site I decided to have a weight gaining system being insipred by other games I saw here.

this project stared in febuary but I got overwelmed with college so I started again in augest. this was 1 month worth of work and I really do want to finish the game but all I have is this demo for the fist part of it

The game Follows you (insert name here) moving out to find love in a city full of monster girls. You spend your first day meeting a girl that gose by Mix who so happens runs a bakery. At that point forward you with the help of mix gain confidance to date monster girls (by stuffing their faces) to find your best match or just make them all fat.

Dates are done in a RPG battle system where you use the best food to feed your dates usally being their favorite food for more weight gained. You have a 1 month time limit but you can spend those days getting a job and Talking with other npc’s for tips or special events.

Demo - Weight Date

The demo only has the first 3 days which is the most liniar part of it but It hopes to give you an idea of how the game will roll off from here. Please give any feedback that you can as to help motivate me to getting this game completed.

Changes for the full game

  • proof read: yes this will have a lot of mistakes which will get amendat later.
    -saving: saving will be done after each day. the number of save shown is for testing purposes.
    -more girls: yes as I said more girls will be added.
    -dialog during dates: there is only a little of this on day 3 but all dates will be more involved with dialog that you have to listen and awnser for buffs. Right now it’s proof of concept.
    -new titlescreen: the current one has one of my characters that dosent show up and is merly a placeholder. Will likely be an image of mix

Update 10/09/2019
After many small changes the final roster has been selected.

All characters are owned by me except the one on the far right who belongs to MarvelouseKyoi on twitter and created the model
All my characters models were done by TheJesterArt on Deviantart
Names are from left to right
Protaganist (your name or by defult Stan PG Riot)

Further details will be added later
as for now Spelling is being improved on and a more clear weight gain for roomba will be added as she is achually not gaining between day 1 and 3


I already have a bug, to report!


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should be fixed now
I just did a quick playthrew to check
it was using the febuary desighn and not the new one

Wii shop theme didn’t expect that

Just finished the demo, love the concept of this game! Noticed a few spelling mistakes here and there but really love what you got here!

thank you so much
yea spelling miskates are the death of me and something i’m gonna have to fix a lot before I move on to new days.

Really looking forward to this! I’m good with writing if you need someone to write some dialogue!

would love to play it but it isn’t Mac compatible :confused:

I’m glad your looking forward to it.
Dialogue isent really the trouble since I sort of fast tracked it to get the concept ready it’s more so going back and proof reading. Thanks for the offer

i love the game, i look foward to the next updates :slight_smile:

A really nice little concept, I would love to give suggestions but I want to wait for you to have the chance to build out your systems a little more first. I enjoyed what I played! :smiley:

in terms of the system i kinda have it all planned out. the only things that are not final are roster and what events take place in what days as I do plan of having those on specific days.

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I like it. Reminds me of “Codename : D.E.B.U.”
This could be it’s spiritual successor.

Using the same program for the characters yea it pretty much is
sad to see that project canceled

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I liked your game a lot! I hope you get the time and will to finish it.
The “shy” cowgirl is very cute :3
Thank you for the demo!

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Oh, this sounds fun!



I like it its cute :milk_glass::milk_glass: You will still work in this??

I’ve gotta say, I’m super hyped about this! As someone mentioned before, it’s like Project D.E.B.U. is back from the dead, which makes me happy lol. I’ll definitely be checking out all the new builds :+1:

Due to Uni stuff I’ve only been working on story paths and events listing but it’s very slow. things should pick up near christmas I just have so much on my plate and the only one working on it. as I said this will take a long time to make


I have high hopes for this dating sim.